Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I tag Angie

Tag...I'm it!!!!

I have been tagged! Here are seven things about me you may not know...

1. On my first date (which was to prom) I had to go bare foot because he was so much shorter than me. He also put my coursage in the freezer to keep it cold and had to thaw it out before he came to pick me up, which made him late. I thought I was stood up. And my flowers turned black by the end of the night.
2. Jeff was NOT my first love.
3. I hated to wear a bra so I would sneak out to the grain bin and take it off until I had to go back into the house. My mom would have killed me had she known, decent girls wore bras.
4. I once rode a motorcyle around the block with no shirt on.
5. My first crush was Herman of Herman and the Hermits.
6. I broke the door off my first car that I wasn't suppose to drive until it was licensed and I couldn't help myself, I started the car up and was just going to back it up in the driveway, didn't shut the door and it got caught on a tree. My buddies at the time Jeff, Chuck and Randy took it to school and fixed it and brought it back before my dad found out.
7. My best friend in highschool Kathy and I were going to be truck drivers when we grew up. Big aspirations I know but at the time it sounded fun. We were going to be cigar smoking truck drivers.

I tag Angie if she hasn't been tagged before!


Unknown said...

ha, you were quite the rebel... the shirt off motorcycle... to funny! thnx for filling us in on some of your facts.

Jess -n- Jason -n- Crew said...

Oh, Deb. I'm laughing here... I didn't know ANY of those things about you, and I'm so proud of the devil in you that allowed you to ride around the block on your motorcycle without a shirt on. WOW! That took GUTS!!

Brandi said...

My rebel mother! I did actually know a few of those but some of them took me by surprise!

Robin Beck said...

I cracked up over your answers but laughed even harder reading your daughters comment!

That was fun!


GardenOfDaisies said...

OH you rebel you!!! :-) LOL!!!


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