Saturday, November 27, 2010

Waiting for the rug to dry!

What a stupid title I know, but it is what I am doing. Yesterday began the chore of taking down the fall decorations, cleaning and starting on Christmas/winter decor. As always I am overwhelmed. I don't know what frustrates me the most, having no room to decorate or having no room to store decorations. Anyway, does anyone else have a tiny home? What do you do? I would appreciate any tips that are out there. 
   I will admit my depression always sets in this time of year because I feel so limited, trapped, crowded....I don't even have enough words to describe the feelings of entrapment I get in the winter. During the spring, summer and fall months I just extend our home outside but brrrrrrrrr it is just too cold to do that. 
   So I woke up this morning and told myself - work with what you got. Be glad you have a snug little roof over your head and quit feeling sorry for yourself. So the fall decor is down; the rugs are cleaned and wet -- thought I would give them a little wash and Jeff is on his way home with one of 3 trees. I am giving up two of my trees this year, hopefully to allow more room for living. With our growing family now up to 15, we get a little squished, and then we all want our friends so let's add about 10 more and believe me the house fills up fast. 
  I know that it is just a matter of time when life won't be so full, and I just need to take a breath, enjoy the fullness of my life and - shucks, call Jeff and tell him to bring the other two trees.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The kindness and honesty of others!

Had to run to the grocery store last night - to get the goods for my new diet. I get to the cash register and no checkbook. I knew, knew, knew that I had put it in my purse, I used it moments before to get gas and now - GONE. Lucky for me I did have another checking account and checkbook to use and was able to check out - but what the devil happened to the other I wondered and worried? I retraced my steps, nope nowhere was it to be found. I was still digging in my purse, the back seat, under the seat, my coat pockets when I heard this very quiet voice say "I noticed it looked like maybe you lost something". And there he was, this very shy young man holding my checkbook. He was on his way into the store to turn it in when he saw, a somewhat frantic woman I must say, searching like a hound dog in her car. I would have given him a hug but he WAS a stranger and very shy one at that. It is so great to find honest people in this world. I should NOT be surprised because I know some wonderful people, but in today's world, we don't always get to experience that. So thanks young man, whomever you are. Not only did I find my checkbook but a renewed faith in mankind.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A new day...a new diet!

I don't usually blog about things like diets however I am told that making a public statement helps you to stay committed to a diet since everyone is looking on. Mostly I need a challenge, that is when I get stubborn and competitive. So here goes - my new goal. I really need to get my blood pressure under control that is priority no. 1. And then priority no. 2 is, of course, is to be thinner.

This is the new diet that I am trying. My friend Becky gave me this diet as her daughter-in-law has been using it to lose weight before her trip to Mexico and her wedding. She looks fabulous and made a beautiful bride. Becky also said her co-workers have been doing this diet and they are all looking good so here goes. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Special Buy

I never considered myself a collector, however pottery, plates, dinnerware......they all seem to be piling up in my cupboard. Being on a small budget I am not one of those people who can go out and buy a whole set of something at one time. Things have to come in small doses and well, they have to come cheap.

I fell in love with a set of dishes that belonged to my friend Becky, who died suddenly at the early age of 55. She has this wonderful set of 'corn' dishes and I just thought they were cute. Becky had an antique store and sold a mish mash of antiques, collectibles and the like. Recently they had an auction of all of her store items and I was fortunate enough to get a couple of her treasures.

This cookie jar was a steal at just $15.00 dollars. I wanted the tea set also but it was cracked and still went for a little more than I wanted to pay.

I think this is a casserole dish. Not really sure but that is what I am going to call it. Can't you just see  a table setting in late July or early August or heck all fall using these items?

Aren't they just so cute together. I just wanted to start using them right away so I have cookies in the oven right now and later this afternoon I am thinking a corn casserole would be nice for supper.

After looking on the Internet I decided I had better see if my corn pottery are original and yes, they are! I think I could really get into collecting, and I just saw some items on EBay so I am off to shop.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Upcoming Events!

Just when I think it is slowing down I find it's NOT! I just can't wrap my mind around the fact that November is here and well...on it's way out. Here's what is going on in my world.

Baby Lucas will turn 1 on Nov. 21st. His birthday is on a Sunday and we are five hours away. Jeff has to work Sat. and well probably Monday so it will be a short, fast trip but I can't miss it.

My days are spent getting ready for the Historical Christmas Dinner. Getting entertainment has been and will always be my biggest challenge. We have tapped out almost all of our local resources, the college, the churches, the schools, friends.......but still I have some great entertainment on the line up this year. Last year the bell ringers were a great hit, hard to top that but I have some wonderfully talented people coming this year.

As always decorating is such a big part of Christmas. Besides decorating Brick 17 I have to decorate for the Historical Dinner, the employee Christmas party and if any energy is left, my house. No I am NOT complaining because I love, love, love to decorate - time however plays a big part on enjoyment of the season. AND it can get really chilly in the highranger putting lights on a 3 story building in the middle of Nov.

Cutting up greenery and making wreaths, centerpieces and decorations for 200 people can take some major planning but it is well worth it. This year has a patriotic theme along with the usual Christmas decor. 

I am excited to decorate my tree this year, I don't know if I will ever tire of this chore. I have to be careful because Jeff hates &  complains so much about early decorating. In his world perfect would be decorating on Christmas Eve, take it down Dec. better yet, don't do it at all. Not that he helps in anyway but he sure let's me know how much he hates me doing it. What is with that??? I have never understood. Oh what the heck, at this point I think we are home alone for Thanksgiving so why not decorate on my 4 day weekend, or better yet, next week when  I am home alone during deer season.

Then there is deer season, now  why would I have this on my list of to do's? I hate guns, and more than that, killing something, but working for Game and Parks during hunting season is like being a quarterback during football season. We work long days and stay open 16 hours a day 7 days a week.

And then there is Thanksgiving.....I will be cooking rather it is a 20 lb. turkey or 8. I will still be cooking something for Jeff and myself and maybe two of the boys. And when Jeff takes off to the station up comes the tree if it isn't already. Tee Hee!!

And then I did it...yes I did! I agreed to host something at my house for the progressive dinner. I can't wait for that. We get to see all these beautiful homes, we get to decorate and then eat, drink and be MERRY!!

So what's on your plate in November? 

Friday, November 5, 2010

1910 Historical Christmas Dinner

We are so excited once again for our Historical Christmas Dinner here at Fort Rob. Our 200 tickets sold out by Monday night.  We will be celebrating 100 years this year, highlighting the year 1910. Fort Rob was an active military post at that time and we will be eating foods cooked right from the original menu served to the soldiers.
This is one of the groups that will be performing for our guests. They dress in 'Dicken's Costume' and sing  Christmas music. Their first appearance will be on the front porch of the Buffalo Barracks at 5:30. If you were one of the 200 lucky ticket takers you will also get to hear them perform on stage after a yummy bigger than life meal.
Also the lights will be turned on from all of the wonderful sponsors of 'Light Up The Fort'.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween 2010

We are 'Off to see the Wizard....The Wonderful Wizard of Oz'

The Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow, Dorothy and Tin Man went looking for the Great Oz. Look at all of the characters they found.

The Great and Powerful Oz; Cowardly Lion; Dorothy; Tin Man; The Bad Witch and Glenda The Good Witch. What a fun Halloween we had. 
Our whole group.

Fun at the zoo! We went to spooktackular Friday night.

There were some pretty scary creatures at the Zoo.

We also went to the Halloween Parade for some costume fun.

And then we carved pumpkins - and some of us had a little pumpkin snack.

Some of the finished products after a long night of carving; eating chili and making somores. 

And finally we went Trick or Treating!

What a busy weekend we had!


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