Monday, March 29, 2010

Ballerinas, Buck-a-roos, Boy Scouts and Basketball - my weekend.

Sounds  like a vitamin kick - the 4 B's - instead it was the Best weekend.
 My oldest grannie, Taylor, played basketball all weekend in a 'Hoop Shoot' - I got to watch 2 of his 7 games. I also worked 12 hours this weekend helping 921 Boy and Girl Scouts plant trees in the burned area at Fort. Rob. And then my little Adrianne had a dance recital in Chadron. It was the cutest little thing. On Sunday, after working, we went horse back riding with Jaxon, Cash, Jeremy & Steve. I even got a little riding time in myself, not as much as Jaxon, however my new boots got a good breaking in from walking Nugget and Jax around. So here's my week in photos.

The Ballerinas

Shelby Blundel (daughter of a friend of mine) looked more like an angel than a ballerina. 

My little granddaughter Adrianne (center) did such a good job, it was her first year of dance. 

Above and below is my great niece Kamden, she is a novice at dance as this is her second year in dance.

Taking a Bow!

Round and Round we go!

And now the Buck-a-roos!

Jaxon and Cash on Nugget

Cowboy Jaxon!

We almost had a little rodeo of our own when Nugget got a little scared and took a leap back knocking Jaxon into the saddle horn. He hung on and I hung on and we made it back to the corral! WHEW!
Boy Scouts!

Scouts planted 10,000 seedlings on the fire stricken hills to help "Mother Nature" out just a little bit.

Grandson Taylor got in a lot of playing time with 35 teams entered into the local Hoop Shoot.

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