Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I know everyone will think I am crazy but it IS my Friday. I have worked 10 days straight and some of them very long so I am excited to have a four day weekend. Damion and Daunee' are coming up to help with some landscape problems for Brandi and weeding problems for me. Hopefully Jeremy will let me have Adrianne for a sleep over on Thurs. night and she can go to Hemingford on Friday to play with Jaxon. He really enjoys company and since they are so close in age they absolutely get along beautifully, which means we can get more work done. Manny's room (that is my nick name for my new grandson) is coming along nicely. Brandi and Angie painted, Jeff and Shane laid the carpet, Jeff will tape it down on Friday. So now its just the fun stuff of decorating! Hopefully we will get the new/old horse out tonight and Jeremy and Jeff can take her for a spin. I bet Austin and Adrianne will want a ride too. Can't wait for Emma Jean to see her, she is a natural ridder and has been on a horse since she was just a few weeks old. Oh I have so many plans for the weekend. Hope everyone has a great one too.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Austin's 1st. Communion!

Today Austin received his first communion. He looked so handsome standing at the alter, kind of just all grown up. I am so very proud of him. While listening to Father speak I though of the years when we took Austin to church when he was a little guy, the time he threw a bottle at the Oetken boy. Hit Seth right between the eyes and it seemed like church was totaly silent when Seth said "Stupid Baby". The time just seems to fly watching my grandchildren grow. Oh these wonderful times in our lives!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

GOING GREEN..........

I guess I am talking about going green in a different way than you are hearing about today. It is turning green, green, green outside, clear up to the top of the buttes. Isn't it beautiful? Hard to stay inside when there is so much sunshine outside. May you all have a beautiful GREEN day!

Monday, April 20, 2009

New tools

Jaxon received several gifts in the mail from his God Parents Damion & Daunee'. He was very excited about the tool set and was ready to help grandpa around the house.

Grandpa where are the nails?

Using the new hammer.

The finished product!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Yup, that is what my Dr. told me today. I had my 3 month check and sure enough on the x-ray you could see the bone starting to grow. I just knew that it was better. Last week I had the best week ever and, could for the first time in 25 years, say I was pretty much pain free! Doc said that I still had some spondolthesis (the instability of the vertebrae) but it was less and should continue to get better. I will start PT hopefully next week, they are suppose to teach me some exercises that will strengthen my back, and show me what my limitations are as far as bending. I still can't lift over 20 lbs, nor can I sweep, rake or hoe in my garden but the GOOD news...I can take my back brace off while at home in the house or at work as long as I am sitting at my desk. So the first thing I did when I got home was tear that thing off and walk around the house and sit in my chair. It felt SOOOOOOOO good!. Next I am going to try laying down on the couch...funny those things that we take for granted - I shall cherish them now. So for all of you who have cheered me on, prayed for me, helped me out in any way - Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! I just feel like I am starting my life all over again. As a matter of fact, Jeff pulled me out of Menards today because I just kept telling him all of the projects I want to do. Of course he is a little bit worried cuz that means he will be doing projects too. I think he was pretty happy to see me happy and know that things are on the right track. I never thought I would say this but he has been an ANGEL. And I was worried he wouldn't help me! Between him and Brandi they took such good care of me, how could I not heal up. Next check up 4 months from now. Jeff and I have already made plans to ride the bike to Rapid to the apt. and then go on up to Sturgis, we are so excited!! Ok enough - later everyone.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Our busy day and the friends we saw along the way!

We had a busy wonderful day. First we spent time with the family at the Jeremy Kennedy home where we ate pizza and birthday cake. Grandpa made him one of his special JD boxes and I got him bunnies, he also got money, books, hunting equipment and shells for his gun. Adrianne also got a bunny - (couldn't leave her out, she is such a little animal lover). Greg, Taylor, Brandi and Jaxon also joined in the fun. Then it was down to the Easter Egg hunt with the Keane family, even papa went. It was his first time ever at an Easter Egg Hunt. Later Jaxon dyed a few dozen eggs with the help of grandma and Mom. We then took his new kite for a spin. Along the way we saw so many friends and family, it was great. What a wonderful, windy, spring day!

Austin with his birthday present from grandma.

Adrianne with her new Easter bunny which she has named Jennie.

Caiden tries out Austin's new scooter! It's electric!!

Papa and Jeremy setting up the bunnies new home.

It was a great spring day to play!

The birthday boy - where did nine years go?

Adrianne playing on the swing set at Austin's birthday party!

The crowd on their way to hunt eggs! Thanks to the Espinoza, Green, Bosak, Victory families and Chamber of Commerce for a wonderful Easter Egg Hunt!

Hunting eggs!

Counting eggs!

Preston and the Easter Bunny!

Jaxon and the Easter Bunny!

The Wendlands and the Easter Bunny!

Talon and Grandpa Jeff racing up the hill

Buddies Jaxon and Talon

Our pals T.J. and Talon!

So many many colors!

Gotta eat the cracked ones!

Jaxon kept saying, "I'm almost done grandma", as he put stickers on one of his Optimus Prime Easter Eggs, when he was done you couldn't even see the egg.

The finished product!

Flying the kite won at the Easter Egg Hunt.

It's UP!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Some Bunny is having a birthday!

No - not Emma!

NO - not Taylor

NO - not Adrianne

NO - not Kamden

NO - not Jaxon!

You Guessed It! - Austin Wayne age 9

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Poor Boy Scouts

The tree plant has been canceled but we still have about 300 to 350 boys to find something for them to do. I would have taken pictures of them but.........I'm not going out in this weather. This is one of those times I am soooooooooo glad my job is inside! We will feed the kids starting at 3 p.m. and after that........what to do with that many kids? AAGH!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring Fever - My fingers are itching to dig in the Earth!

April Fools Day

Did anyone get fooled today? I remember one time as a little girl my dad told me my dog had puppies. I was so excited I couldn't stand it and ran to see HIM! Darn was I disappointed. It took me many years to get over that...and of course I needed to get back at my dad. I never really got a good trick played on him. He was a smart man and I was, well.........a dumb kid! Anyway Merry April to you all......may we have a beautiful spring.


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