Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Butterfly's Tablescape.


I posted these photos a couple of days ago but thought I would join Tootsie for Flaunt Your Flowers Fertilizer Friday  & Cindy for Show and Tell Friday - not that my yard is so beautiful but my guests sure are.
Now don't be disappointed.........it isn't a tablescape with dishes, plates, and oh lala stuff. What it IS - a tablescape that a butterfly would use. I just can't get enough of watching all the butterflies enjoy the purple cone flower in the garden. Silly stuff is really taking over but who cares as along as the butterflies have a table to sit down to and suck that sweet nectar.

This is the table that the butterflies are so enjoying in my yard. No fancy table cloths, or silverware. Just the sweet, sweet flowers blooming in the bed.

I am just so amazed at the markings on this butterfly and the little white dots on the head and body. There must be a dozen or more at one time darting around in the flower bed.

And this old guy, I bet he was a beaut when he was younger - that would be before he lost part of his wing. However it didn't seem to bother him, he kept up with the best of them.

Each butterfly is just a little different.

This little guy was so much smaller and more delicate - there were a lot of these little ones flipping around too.

I wish I knew more about them, what they are called but I don't. This little guy has what looks like two eyes on his wings. I am guessing for protection.

And yet another one that is just a wee bit different than the old guys who was missing a chunk from his wing. So if anyone knows anything about butterflies I would love to hear what kind I have flitting around my garden.
If you love flowers, gardening and beautiful yards please stop by Tootsie's and see her amazing yard. While there be sure to click on the links to all of her participating gardeners and be prepared for an amazing journey. Cindy at My Romantic Home has so MUCH to offer with her amazing home and all of her participants that it takes me a week to get through all of the blogs to visit.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Emma and Capatillers

Emma was visiting this weekend and while working in the garden she found a fuzzy little caterpillar. We got such a kick out of watching her and what she calls them (capatillers).
 Em didn't like bugs especially flies when she was smaller but now is enthralled with them, as you can see by the shirt she is wearing. We just have so much fun when Emma comes to visit.

You can't really see the Mr. Capatiller in this photo but Emma has him in her hands.

I thought that she would go crazy with him crawling all over but she didn't she just watched and watched him.

Mr. Capatiller tried to make an escape, but Emma wouldn't have it.

Can you see him, he is a little fuzzy, well not just his body but the picture too.

I think Mr. Capatiller liked Emma because when she tried to put him down he just clung to her. Well that's what we told Emma. Mr. Capatiller did make it to safety in the flower bed.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Instead of sheep, let me count the butterflies!

Had a little time on my hands since I once again could not find rest on my pillow tonight, so I played with a photo. Interesting what can be done with just one little picture.

Just the plain ole picture with no playing done to it all except to add my signature.

A reflective frame.

Yet another reflective frame using cream colors instead of black and white.  I added a frame to the frame.

How about black and white?

Or as a pencil sketch?

Or in neon colors, isn't that cool the way the butterfly is outlined?

Or made into a collage!

Or, just all jumbled up.....it just so much fun to play with a photo.

OR MAYBE.....Just the butterfly.

Monday, August 9, 2010

My Little Curly Girls!

I had the honor of having my two little precious grand daughters over for the night. We celebrated Miss Adrianne's 5th birthday on Sat. night and the girls spent the night with grandma and papa. We had a great time playing on the deck despite the heat.

I call them my Curly Girls because they both have these little ringlets of blonde hair. Adrianne's is getting straighter because of the length but still curls in little ringlets when it is all fixed up.
They are so precious and I just love to have them come spend time with me.

Both girls love the flower garden and we spent a little time finding them just the perfect flowers. Emma picked her bouquet to take home to her mama and then I saw that they were still sitting on the counter after she left. Sorry Anne that they didn't get home.

Both girls love animals and papa got a new barn for his 54th birthday...... the girls spent some major time playing with HIS new toy.

It has been so long since Emma let me take some photos of her. She told me I could take exactly four, so I had to make the best of it.

Don't you love the pink stash? Short of using bleach I tried everything to get the Kool Aid stain from her little mouth. I even tried make up remover.

Em doesn't really like bugs but she is intrigued by them  and just had to wear her buggy shirt, however when they get close she runs.

Here she is in the tub, she is such a little fish and just lays her head down and swishes around. It was funny the way she told me she needed a bath. I think she called it 'running her through the tub'. It doesn't matter if she just took a bath at her dad's, she come to my house and want to get out the bubble bath and soak. Typical little girl!!

I can't wait for the girls to come again!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

It's a Party.......

Today I a am linking up with Bella Vista for a party to show off your roosters. Now I am some what of a rooster novice as I only have a few pieces but slowly I think they are becoming a collection or an obsession, not sure which.

A friend of mine painted this rooster to go in my kitchen, which doesn't really have roosters, maybe just a picture but anyway, he was a present and now needs to find a home.

I think he is somewhat of a noisy fellow or would be if his chicken lips were real. :)

I even took him outside to see if he would like it in the garden........but not so much.

So he came to rest on the kitchen table where he has some family to keep him company.

Where this plump little chicken can keep an eye on him.

And he isn't the only guy in the house. This has always been a favorite of mine so it was just natural that roosters start showing up in the my house.

A $2.00 find at the bargain bin at Hobby Lobby. He's coming into the house too! 

He just sits on his little pedestal watching the rest of the chicks go by.

Did I tell you my roosters like sunflowers? They do, and here are a few that they hang with. I am also joining Tootsie for Flaunt your flowers Friday. 

A gift from my daughter, she picked up these little candle holders on a trip to Omaha.

I guess I love sunflowers too as I have them all over the yard. And here is what is blooming in my yard.

I love the soft orange/peach color of this Lilly.

Purple cone flower............is pink so why don't they call it pink cone flower, anyway it is in full bloom in my yard and all over Nebraska.
The day lilies are winding down but still put on a good show.

The heat is getting to things my clematis is now done blooming and the hostas are getting a little ragged around the corners.

And if the front yard the the grannies like to play in the middle of the petunias.

And one of my favorite watering cans, actually it is an oil can but I love it all the same. 

Please stop by Bella Vista and Tootsie to see some wonderful rooster and the most beautiful flowers ever.

Happy warm August day to all.


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