Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My 2009 Top Ten 'Bucket List' aka New Year's Resolutions

1. Get rid of some weight! I know, heard that before .. rrrrrr
2. Remove almost all back pain!! Yes, the dr. said
3. Learn something new....maybe to play the piano! Maybe yoga!
4. Buy some new clothes, and they can't say "Fort Robinson" on them :)
5. Spend more time with precious friends- why haven't I done that before ;(
6. Travel to some place I have never been before - even if it is only 50 miles away
7. Walk at least 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes. Dr.'s orders!!!!!!
8. Use some of this scrapbook and Quilting stuff I keep buying, maybe quit buying so much!
9. Get my 'Cottage Garden Studio' done. - Yes, friends, I will when I have less back pain!
10. Attend chruch, get closer to God

Monday, December 29, 2008

My best friend!

Today I got to spend some time with my best friend. It wasn't near long enough but the time we had we spent laughing, crying and making plans for her move that will be closer to home. In just 18 months she and her husband will retire and move...close! Just not sure where yet. She, as always, motivates me. I came home with big plans to lose weight (she has dropped some 70lbs!!), to paint and remodel and craft........AAGH!! I have so many ideas in my head I need to write them down before they vanish. She too is a camera buff and here are some of her fall pictures. Love Ya Jackie!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

This one little ornament..........

This little guy doesn't look like much but to myself and my two sisters this ornament gives us the chance to remember our Christmas' past. Growing up we had the most magical Christmas's that anyone could ever hope for. No, there weren't a ton of presents under the tree, as a matter of fact there are few presents that I remember but I never, ever, forget how I love Christmas. It always started out with us getting one of the old pickups out and cramming our whole family into it. We traveled just a little ways to what is called Cedar Canyon. We looked and looked for the perfect tree, which somehow always seemed to be 3 canyons over. The smells of those cedar trees, the feel of the cold wind on my cheeks, the blue berries that covered the trees, the fun we had picking them will always be forever embedded in my heart and head. We then would take it home, many times singing Christmas songs and have hot cocoa while waiting for dad to put the tree in a bucket and set it up. Now this wasn't just out of the packet hot cocoa it was creamy hot milk with cocoa, sugar and vanilla added to it. Our tree was cedar as you guessed from the name of the canyon that we picked it from, probably not a perfect shape but ooh how I thought it was beautiful, the smelled filled the room (some would say they don't like the smell of cedar but to me it was wonderful). We all would decroate it and the last ornament to be put on the tree was this little 'Silent Night' ornament. After both mom and dad were gone we girls had the hard chore of deciding who got what. To me it was amazing what grace we did this with however the one thing everyone wanted was.......you got it, the 'Silent Night' ornament. Being the politician of the family I came up with the idea of passing the ornament from home to home so that we all got our time with it. It works fairly well, however in the 17 years that we have done that I have only had it a few times.........but that is ok, this year it is proudly displayed at the top of my tree. I am thinking that this will be my last year, seems like it is time to let that beautiful little ornament go. I will always hold dear my wonderful memories of my Christmas past, however with all wonderful things there is a time, a time to let go. Now that I am grandma, I have new traditions, new ornaments, and I am always amazed at the ones my children remember from our past trees. This year I was lucky to have Brandi and Jaxon spend time with me before Christmas and little Jaxon renewed my love of Christmas watching him push, pull, pack, shake, sleep on his present that was under the tree. He, Emma, Adrianne, Jaxon and Taylor all touch, hang and rehang the ornaments while looking at them. I see a glimpse of my childhood in them, and my soul sings out for that joy of Christmas' past, present and future.

Monday, December 22, 2008


This is a picture taken on our annual fall ride that we take with Leonard & Becky Chubb. We travel through the Black Hills taking in all the beautiful fall sights which includes Spear Fish Canyon. Then we stayed in this quaint B&B just outside of Piedmont. It was a great time. 
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Friday, December 19, 2008

Adrianne in her Christmas dress.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Austin The "HUNTER"

Austin got his turkey hunting permit yesterday AND two turkeys. He shot both turkeys with one shot, which I thought was good for an 8 year old. His dad told him to tell me all about it, you know how you locate and sneak up on them, or how Drew scared them back down the canyon, instead Austin told me about how they flopped around and their heads were all bloody... AAGH!! I know, I'm not much of a hunter. I sure am glad he and his dad get to spend time together and enjoy the sport. NICE SHOT AUSTIN!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

1945 Dinner

Phaedra did NOT disappoint her aunt Bob and sang like the angel that she is. Thanks Phay!!
The cardinal Singers entertained the crowd. Wow - they sounded great!

The Pine Ridge Job Corp and Windy Hills 4-H teamed up to help serve the meal.

Brandi, Misty, Lisa and Angie enjoying the dinner.

My centerpieces (thank you Brenda, Kay & Satch for all your help)

A closer look at the centerpieces.

The 1945 Historical Dinner was held Sat. night and I will deem it a success. We sold all of our tickets, there was plenty of food, the entertainment showed up, the decorations were pretty, what more could a person ask for right? I really enjoyed getting ready for the dinner, I can't tell you how many hours I logged in but I know for sure I worked six days straight, three of them were 16 hour days. Everything was wonderful until my back gave out. I made it through the evening but left a hurting unit. I think I will take it easy for a couple of days, maybe even call that surgeon and check for an available date for the surgery. Then, I will be good as new and ready for next year. That celebration will be 1935 and I already have my colors and centerpieces picked out. I think the crowd must like those centerpieces since they keep stealing them........next year here I come.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


16 hours, 3 bfs elves, and several hot glue gun mishaps and the center pieces are done! They turned out really cute, made from horseshoes, (thanks to Mr. Jones, his welding class and Dave F), pine boughs, hand made snowflakes and rusty barb wire, they really depict the Fort Rob era. We also made 3 large snowflakes, painted light bulbs, printed programs, picked up the menus and hung lights yesterday. Today one of the supers is cutting me down 4 trees to make pine boughs with, these will hang around all the windows and enhance the wreaths that the guys make. All will have a touch of white, silver, and blue to go with the theme. This should be a beautiful year at the Fort Dinner! Our entertainment is lining up beautiful and thank you God for the beautiful blanket of snow that will make all those Christmas lights glow like bright candles. If you get a power surge on Sat. at 5 p.m. know that all the lights kicked on! OHHH and the poinsettias are in, that is exciting in itself!! Everyone have a good day...you know I am crafting away!


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