Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A great day!

I had just a wonderful day today. I did have to run to the Fort at 7:30 to help one of the employees out but the rest of the day was mine. I worked some in the garden, as much as I can. It just felt good to water some of my flowers, at least I was doing something towards gardening. Then Jaxon and Brandi came up and we went to the Park. There we met Angie and Preston, Phay, Dustin and the girls and Mandy's two kids and Mark. We had a picnic and watched the kids play. Then in the late afternoon Twi came over and weeded my last flower bed that I just couldn't get done. Bless my family and friends. I think I will end the day with a toddy on the deck, a shower and good nights rest. Hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful weather.

Kendall showing off her muscles!

Madison found a worm and after playing peek a boo with it, the worm - well it needed a funeral. Madison, Kamden and Carson are saying a prayer for the little guy.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Long Week

After working 14 to 16 hour days over the weekend I crashed today on my day off. The Fort opened with a bang and as usual we had many hours of training our new help. I think we have a great staff this year and I am hoping for a great season. Of course as always there were kinks to work out such as problems with computers, cash registers and the like but overall it was a great holiday. I don't think the economy slowed anything down which is great for the area. I do feel a little jealous for all of the people who actually get to enjoy a vacation, a holiday camping out and enjoying the summer but I know that my off time is really good too! Just everyone is back to work so I don't have anyone to share it with. On May 23rd. I started my 5th year at the Fort. That is just so hard for me to believe that I have been there that long but I have. It is a wonderful place to work - most of the time. Well here is hoping you all had a great start to the summer.

Friday, May 15, 2009

How about that Grey's Anatomy?

Anyone watch the finale last night? Wasn't expecting both of them to die. However front page of Yahoo or MSN, can't remember which says we won't really know for sure until next fall. If O'Mally AND Izzy both die I am done watching. I hate getting hooked on a show and then the stars start leaving. It is never the same. I quit ER and CSI among other shows just for those reasons.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dandy like a dandelion and the things kids say!

When Jaxon was just a little guy Brandi and I would say "Dandy like a Dandelion" and he would laugh and laugh, it was so funny. I thought of that when I saw all the dandelions this spring. I guess they really liked the moisture too!

So, out of mouth of babes. Brandi was telling me a story about Jaxon. He and his dad planted a couple of seeds last week and Shane got a book from the library to read to him about growing a plant. The story says that a seed needs, water, soil, and sunlight to grow, and jaxon pipes in and says "It needs compost too dad!" OK can you guess who he has been hanging around? I am sure it had nothing to do with the fact that we used 2 1/2 ton of compost on my flower beds. Maybe he is spending to much time with his grandma. Ya think?

So here is a story about Debbie Dout's 3 year old granddaughter. She went to eat at a restaurant with her daddy. And like all kids needed to use the restroom (I think they have some instinct that says they need to try out every toilet in every eating place). Anyway, he had to take her, so of course they went into the man's bathroom. The first thing she saw was a man leaving after using the facilities and she says to him "Hey you didn't wash your hands!". Makes me wonder what the gentleman thought. But that wasn't the funny part. That came after peeking around the stall and seeing her dad use the urinal, she says to him "Do you poop out of that thing too?" I laughed so hard I cried.

Aren't those little guys so funny? And how is your day going?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


This young man caught a 'big one' last year

Free Park Day at Fort Robinson is this Saturday. You don't need a fishing permit or vehicle permit all day. We have great fun going on too. Bring the kiddos 12 and under to Carter P for a fishing derby. All contestants that stay for the day from 9-11 are entered into a drawing for free prizes; or if you can only stay awhile they will get a certificate for a free ice cream cone at the Sutler Store. At noon we will host a BBQ on the west lawn $4.00 for Hamburger; potato salad; beans; chips and drink this is the time we draw for the winners of the fishing derby. Also free starting at 9 a.m. and running until 4 is jeep rides that take you up into the Cheyenne Buttes or a horse drawn tour guided tour around the park. We will have an Open House at the Nurses Quarters so if you have ever wondered what it looks like now is the time, plus you can have free cookies and lemonade for stopping by. Hope to see you all out there.

Monday, May 11, 2009

My Mother's Day

It sure sounds like everyone was treated like a queen on Mother's Day! Mine was a flurry of busy. We served 320 people at the Fort Rob Mother's Day Buffet. The food was really good and mom's and grandmom's and kids ate for 1/2 price. We were very busy and I behaved myself and didn't buss any tables. Happy For That! When I got off work I was surprised that Brandi and Jaxon were at the station with Jeff. We went to the garden and Greg and I did a little planting while Jaxon rode is 4 wheeler and Brandi enjoyed the sunshine. Greg, the stinker, wouldn't tell me "Happy Mother's Day" cuz he was mad at me for not working in the garden all day, said I never told him I had to work. "Pish Posh" I say because I did tell him, he didn't listen. I have had to work the last 4 years on Mother's Day wonder what he thought would be different about this day. Silly Boy! By supper time I had been on my feet for 12 hours (with only a little back ache) so I was very happy for that but ready to set down. Damion and Daunee' gave me a call on their way home from Gillette where they had spent the day with Daunee's family. My first born forgot me, I guess he had such a busy weekend with graduation and Cherokee's family that he didn't have time to call. DARN! His labor was the hardest 24 days in hard labor; 2 trips to the delivery room, what is that boy thinking? So it is back to work and I am looking forward to the week and getting ready for the opening at the Fort. Remember everyone that next week is FREE park day. You don't need a permit to come out; you don't need a permit to fish; free jeep rides, free horse drawn tours, fishing derby from 9 - 12 for children 12 and under and a BBQ for only $4.00. Hope to see you all there.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Two Amazing Moms

I have been lucky to have known/know two of the best mother's in the world. My mom and my daughter. I didn't have my mom for very long in my life, she died when I was 28 but she was a wonderful person. Quiet in demeanor, she had a strength that I have seen in no other. She raised 3 daughters, ran a household and worked side by side with my dad on our ranch north of Crawford. When she was diagnosed with terminal cancer her only concern was for us, we three girls and my dad. She did think she was going to get to come home after treatment and get things in order but that never happened. My biggest regret, not telling her how much I loved her. You see I thought I would have time for that when she got home, that we would have some heart to heart talks and learn more about each other, she never came home, not until her funeral. I am just one year younger now than she was when she passed away. I wonder what her thoughts were. I couldn't imagine leaving my children and grandbabies at this age and I know it must have been so terrible for her. Boy how I miss her. And the other wonderful mother is my daughter. I am in awe watching her take care of Jaxon, of herself while pregnant and I wonder how did she learn to be that good of a mom? It wasn't from me, I wasn't a good mom. I was prgnant at 17 had 4 children by my early 20's and not a clue on how to take care of them. Oh they were fed, read too and danced with but I did NOT have the maturity to make a good mom. But when I watch Brandi my heart just feels like it will bust, her every waking moment is designed to be the best mom anyone could ever be and she is. She truly is an inspiration to me. Please be sure to see the slide show below. I wish had pictures of all the mom's I think are wonderful but I don't - but here are pix of the ones I do!

Some of the mom's I know and love

Wish I had more pictures, there are a lot of great mom's I know out there just don't have a picture. Here's to all of you!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009


To Jody for giving up smoking. You not only are doing something wonderful for yourself but also for all of those who love you. Having lost my mother and grandfather to lung cancer directly related to smoking, I am a BIG advocate for quitting. So, to my blogging buddy/backyard neighbor GREAT JOB!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

It's a BOY or a GIRL!!

I was given the Best Mother's Day present - Damion and Daunee' are expecting!! YES, grandchild number 7 is on the way! The baby is due Nov. 17. Sooooo Damion wants everyone to cast their vote on the sex. He said that last week the testes were formed and this week would be the ovaries. Damion thinks its a boy; Daunee' wants a boy; Grandma and Grandpa Kennedy are voting GIRL (we girls are becoming outnumbered in the Kennedy family). The vote is still out from the aunt and uncles on this side. Isn't this great, I have five grandchildren with two in the oven, life doesn't get any better than this. Keep those votes coming, and next ultra sound we will know!!


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