Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Potty Shed & Cheating Just a Little Bit

Earlier I did a post on my Potting shed, lovingly called my "Potty Shed" and then I remembered Fertilizer Friday was just around the corner so I thought I would just add to that post and add a picture of my garden. Now it doesn't look like much but here in the Panhandle of Nebraska it is just about where it should be. With the cold, wet spring we had a lot of it was washed away or just rotted so much of it was replanted. For the most part it is all pumpkins. I love, love, love to plant and harvest pumpkins but there are also tomatoes, peppers, peas, corn, watermelon and some winter squash. Please hop on over to Tootsies for Fertilizer Friday  (click on her name) and see all the wonderful yards and garden.

As for my Potty Shed.........
Can you see it - my potty shed? It is in the background of this photo. Everyone should have one, or so I think. I just love old buildings, old wood, old STUFF and when I told Mr. K. that I wanted an outhouse he just rolled his eyes and shook his head. But, by golly, he found me one and like the trooper that he is drug it home and set it up in the corner of the yard. I like to decorate it for the seasons but realized I only took a picture of it in the winter and then this summer. I call it my 'potty' shed because I originally was going to keep my old pots and potting supplies in it but it has become a place for the grannies to play; a place to display 'stuff' that I treasure but no one else does. Junk comes to mind to most people when I tell them about it. And it is a great place to store some of my collection of water cans.

Can you see it back behind my little grannie, who is playing in the middle of the flower bed? This is a photo before my snowball bush grew up around it.

So here is the old shed in the winter time. Mr. K. puts some lights on it and I decked out the old red bike with a wreath and some lights. Looks cold doesn't it?

Just another wintery shot of the snowy old Potty Shed.

My red bike, another treasure (junk) that someone threw away and Mr. K. knew I would like.

Oops, forgot to pull down the last of the Christmas lights before I took this, they are gone now.

An old plate and silver platter that were treasures found at some yard sale.

The inside of the potty shed at dusk, I love the old pieces of wood that the previous owner had used to hold it all together. I also have a welcome stepping stone hanging that a good friend gave me; an old shelf that my dear uncle (now deceased) made for me and a large stepping stone with my 'debbie dewberry' painting. Sorry Donna, that's what my kids call my painting. You might be able to see it peeking out of the corner in one of the photos above.
And then I just had to add this photo, I was taking these shots at sunset and it was so pretty I just had to include. Can you see the cross from the church, it is pretty small?

Thanks for stopping to look at the ole potty shed, I will remember to get some fall shots, that is when it is at it's best. Have a great day blogging buddies, it is to be hot and windy for the next couple of days so everyone try to stay cool.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The ONE and only ONE!

Just a small little mosaic for Mosaic Monday. Although not a photo of flowers it is just as sweet. My little grandson turned one and so enjoyed his day. For some awesomeness click on Mary's name and visit the Little Red House for some great photography and mosaics.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Friend Jackie...

My friend Jackie not only can decorate like a professional she also has a green thumb. Here are some photos of her yard. She actually has just sold this place as her husband is now retired and they will be moving closer. YEAH! I can NOT tell you how excited I am about that. It will still be some what of a drive to see her but not 12 hours.

So back to this green thumb. She lives in a very, hot area during the summer, so it is a bit of a challenge to keep things green and growing but she does it. One of the things I love about her yard is the fence that is around it. She fenced in part of her yard and then there is additional yard on the other side. Because her yard is so beautiful I just had to join Tootsie and Fertilizer Friday. Please click on her name and it will take you to a land of enchantment, especially if you are a gardener.

What I wish I had is photos of her home. They bought an older home when they moved from CO to KS and the work that she did to it is amazing. She thought when they put it up for sale that it would take some time to move it. They had an offer immediately, like that same day. I wasn't surprised as this house is more than adorable.

Now back to the yard - enjoy the photos.

Please don't forget to check out Tootsie's beautiful yard and also take a peak at many other fabulous gardeners. Click here.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Mosaic Monday - Steer Ropin'

I went to the Fort Rob rodeo last night to watch my old horse Nugget and my son do a little steer roping. It was fun to watch him get the ole gal to work. And she really enjoyed doing it. Working cattle was what she was brought up to do, and getting out to practice was good for my son Jeremy too. Thought I would join in on Mosaic Monday and join Mary at the Dear Little Red House for a little fun. Do stop by her blog by clicking on her name. You will NOT be disappointed.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mellow Yellow

Little Miss Meg visited my house for the afternoon, her beautiful blonde hair and brand new yellow dress just called for a yellow background. Isn't she sweet? Please stop in at the Little Red House and some wonderful sites, with amazing mosaics.


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