Monday, April 25, 2011


So glad to be back blogging. I have been gone for awhile as I just haven't been able to get pictures to download to the blog,  like talking with your hands, I can't write without a picture. Spring is springing nicely in my neck of the woods, my pepper plants are looking good, much better than in this photo as it was taken two weeks ago. Everything in my little greenhouse was looking pretty darn nice UNTIL 35 mph winds smashed into the sides of the greenhouse. Everything was dumped and I mean DUMPED upside down on the ground. I salvaged a lot of stuff but my seed packets that were taped to the sides, the ones showing what was planted in the pots, were knocked off. Hope I can recognize the plant by  it's leaves :0) I can figure out the veggies, the marigolds, the petunias but the larkspur; lavender and those types of plants I might have trouble with.
So part of my garden got a good plowing and then Jeff ran the spring tooth over it. I just wanted to get my home grown fertilizer (horse poo) tilled into the ground before I till and plant. I need to get photos of the tree belt that we spent all day Sat. getting trimmed up. I can't wait to get my little building moved down, painted and grass planted.
Been a busy month for April and May is on our heels. At Fort Rob we have the History Conference; school visits; Mother's Day Buffet; Free Park Day, Training  and then opening day coming up, should keep me busy. I plan on visiting baby Lu next week. Can't wait to see him as it has been over a month and little guys like him don't stay little very long.
So till next time.........keep on springing Spring!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Precious Little One!

Caught this little one looking up at her grandma and just had to share.

Monday, April 11, 2011

My wish list.

Wouldn't the new iMac be just wonderful to have? I probably will just get the old one fixed but a gal can dream!
And this....................
And this....................
And I'm not really greedy, this would be big enough for me.
And a nice little Paint to go trail riding with or teach the grannies how to ride.
And some chickens, just a few so I could have fresh eggs and Jeff could build them a cute little Victorian chicken house (wouldn't that be cute?)
So for today - wishful thinking!!


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