Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day Dreamin'

Now that the weather is starting to warm up my daydreams, thoughts are going to remodeling my old gargage into my Cottage Garden Studio. I have been dreaming about this for many a year and because of my back problems have had to put it on the back burner for some time. But now, a year after back surgery, I am ready to put my back into it,  so to speak, and get to work. I have a file of photos and ideas that I have been collecting for inspiration plus some wonderful finds to decorate with when I am done. My husband calls it junk but I say "One man's junk is one woman's treasures"!! Ok, the saying isn't exactly like that but in my house it pertains to my hubby and myself.

I just love the scroll work on the eve's of this little studio I found on the BH&G website. And the bright splash of red really catches my eye. How about that cute little wicker chair sitting by the door along with a braided rug. I could just see myself sitting out there enjoying my garden. I missed a chance to buy a set of white wicker furniture, two chairs, loveseat, and small table for a little of nothing on our local swap shop. Boy was I bummed!

And the architectual windows just make this little structure absolutely one of my favorites. I also like the french doors on the front. I do have have a pair of those hiding in my 'junk' pile to put on the end of my studio. I love the boxwood surrounding the plants with the birdbath as a focal point. And the old picket fence..I have some of that stored too.

Put I also like the doors on this shed. I think cutting them in half would just be adorable. I love pale yellow in the garden, it just blends in so well. Take a look at that bright yellow water pump. I have one of those too, my hubby painted it red but I'm likin' that yellow.

And how about a shovel for a doorknob? Wouldn't that just add to the whimsy?
Oh - I just can't wait to get started!
Happy Spring Days to all my blogging buddies! May your daydreams come true!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Ballerinas, Buck-a-roos, Boy Scouts and Basketball - my weekend.

Sounds  like a vitamin kick - the 4 B's - instead it was the Best weekend.
 My oldest grannie, Taylor, played basketball all weekend in a 'Hoop Shoot' - I got to watch 2 of his 7 games. I also worked 12 hours this weekend helping 921 Boy and Girl Scouts plant trees in the burned area at Fort. Rob. And then my little Adrianne had a dance recital in Chadron. It was the cutest little thing. On Sunday, after working, we went horse back riding with Jaxon, Cash, Jeremy & Steve. I even got a little riding time in myself, not as much as Jaxon, however my new boots got a good breaking in from walking Nugget and Jax around. So here's my week in photos.

The Ballerinas

Shelby Blundel (daughter of a friend of mine) looked more like an angel than a ballerina. 

My little granddaughter Adrianne (center) did such a good job, it was her first year of dance. 

Above and below is my great niece Kamden, she is a novice at dance as this is her second year in dance.

Taking a Bow!

Round and Round we go!

And now the Buck-a-roos!

Jaxon and Cash on Nugget

Cowboy Jaxon!

We almost had a little rodeo of our own when Nugget got a little scared and took a leap back knocking Jaxon into the saddle horn. He hung on and I hung on and we made it back to the corral! WHEW!
Boy Scouts!

Scouts planted 10,000 seedlings on the fire stricken hills to help "Mother Nature" out just a little bit.

Grandson Taylor got in a lot of playing time with 35 teams entered into the local Hoop Shoot.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Easter Egg Wreath

Beyond The Picket Fence 


Today I am linking up for a party at Just a Girl for a little Show and Share Party and Becky  at Beyond the Picket Fence for 100 Ideas for under $100.00 and Madison at Somewhatsimple.    I made these last year in mass quantities and decided I would make no more, however the bug got me, along with a couple of friends who didn't get one last year so I pulled out all the makins' and here we are. Please join Just A Girl 
I saw this process on a post last year, but I don't remember whose, so sorry I couldn't give the credits. But it is fun, easy and there is very little cost in them so a person could just make them as tossables after the Easter is over. 

The fun thing about this is you can use any colors, make them with any size eggs and decorate them with as little or as much fluff as you like. 

My supply list. plastic eggs, any size or several sizes, ribbon, grass, hot glue, (oops forgot to show that but you will see that in a later photo), cardboard, and a pencil.

I cut a 12" circle using a plate as my template, make a mark 2" in and draw another circle and then cut with a sharp knife. It does not have to  perfect and I use my dinner and salad plates for template. I then tie a small piece of ribbon at the top for a hanger and make two pen marks where I don't want to glue eggs.
The next step is to hot glue your eggs, butts together starting from one pen mark and going to the next. This is pretty simple, you can make a pattern or not, I don't because it would upset my anal self to have it not work out perfectly in the end. :)
It takes about 48 eggs to make it nice and full. You can also use the little small ones to make it fuller or the really large ones to make a BIG wreath.

Before adding the second layer of eggs I hot glue some grass in between the eggs. It just takes care of few of the empty spaces and makes it look fuller.

Did I mention the hot glue? Please be careful when shoving the grass in between those eggs or you will get this.

OUCH! I ended up with 3 huge blisters by the time I was done. 

Almost done, just have to add a second layer of eggs at random on top of the first layer, Poke a little more grass in the empty holes and...........

And........your done. Total cost for this project under $10.00
Two bags of eggs @ $2.00 each = $4.00
One bag of grass @ $1.50 = $1.50
1 roll of ribbon @ $3.00 = $3.00
Misc. items such as glue and cardboard I found in my cupboard.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The many faces of my little honey bunny!

I wasn't going to do this - post pictures of the grannies all the time, but I have so much fun taking their photos that I
 just can't help but share. 
Mr. 9 mth. old  Cash just melts my heart with his big blue eyes 
and bright little smile. I can take shot after shot and never get the same face twice. 
Baby Lu just turned 4 months and he was quite the little ham. To see his shiney little face and catching little smile click here.

Ok,  Cash tell me how you really feel!


How about that hair?

I think Mr. Cash was getting a little tired of the photo shoot.

But he still had one more smile left for the camera. 

Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Birthday Bouquet & Mosaic Monday

I just had to show off my beautiful  bouquet that my daughter got me last week for my birthday. It was so bright and full of spring  I thought how much fun it would be join Mary at dearlittleredhouse and Mosiac Monday and take a closer look at this little piece of heaven. 

Isn't it pretty with all it's spring glory?  

It sure made a 'spring' in my step on that I just can't wait to see them blooming in the garden. Come on spring, we are all longing for you!

Please take time to stop at Mary's post and see a yummy food mosaic. I think I gained a pound just looking at them. 

Just a few more peeks....


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