Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The many faces of my little honey bunny!

I wasn't going to do this - post pictures of the grannies all the time, but I have so much fun taking their photos that I
 just can't help but share. 
Mr. 9 mth. old  Cash just melts my heart with his big blue eyes 
and bright little smile. I can take shot after shot and never get the same face twice. 
Baby Lu just turned 4 months and he was quite the little ham. To see his shiney little face and catching little smile click here.

Ok,  Cash tell me how you really feel!


How about that hair?

I think Mr. Cash was getting a little tired of the photo shoot.

But he still had one more smile left for the camera. 


Brandi said...

Gosh, I love that little boy! He melts my heart, or makes my heart, as my lil Jax used to say...

Robin Beck said...

Wow he has the most beautiful baby blue's! Adorable!


Lisa said...

AWESOME pictures, Deb! I think that it's great you post your grandbabies pics, there can never be too many! Cash makes me smile every time! His smile is so sweet!

beckyw said...

YES, He is so stinkin cute. Can't help taking his pics.....He is SO PHOTOGENIC!!


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