Thursday, March 4, 2010

Much Needed Help For My New Office

This is my new office, well new to me and I am looking for some ideas on how to make it a warm yet functional place to be. There is a door on each of the four walls, two of which are not used. Lots of shelving - of which I just threw some pictures and 'stuff' on them from my move.

I don't have any natural light, there are no windows except for  on the door and a little window beside it,  they look into a hallway. So I brought in some of my old fake flowers, I know that no one decorates with them anymore but I felt I needed some green. I do have two flowers under the counter with flourescent light but not sure if I will be able to keep them alive.  
By the way this building is historical, built in the late 1800's so there isn't any modern to it.

I found this clock at Hobby Lobby and was so disappointed that I couldn't open it to set the time or even find a place for batteries until one day I dropped it and the front bounced off. WaLa...I now know the time.
I have a bulletin board that I need to put somewhere and I find that almsot all my frames are leaning to the black colors. I even thought about recovering the chairs if I can take them apart easily.

Because I have meetings and a lot of people that need a place to set in my office I have kept a little table and chairs in the corner. You can see two doors behind the fake tree, I only use one and not often.

The desk is in an L shape and very HEAVY, I can't move it to another wall for two reasons, lack of space and lack of internet hook up. I am on the computer more than I am not with my job.

The door and little window have shades on them as this is a public place and for privacy they are needed but not all the time. Not sure why I have them shut now as there isn't any activity going on at this time of the year. The walls look white but they are actually a light butter cream color. I could paint but don't really have the time just now, maybe next winter when tourist season is over. The floorins is carpet much to my sadness because the orignial is the most beautiful oak flooring, time worn, but beautiful. I like to sit and think of the many hundreds who have passed through this building in its hundred some years, most of the soldiers.

Anyone have any great ideas they would like to pass along, I am all ears.

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Lisa said...

I've been feeling that way about my house.......needing to freshen it up and add some color. I'm just not very good at it and need help w/ideas also. Wishing you luck! I think you are a great decorater and love your kitchen!


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