Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day Dreamin'

Now that the weather is starting to warm up my daydreams, thoughts are going to remodeling my old gargage into my Cottage Garden Studio. I have been dreaming about this for many a year and because of my back problems have had to put it on the back burner for some time. But now, a year after back surgery, I am ready to put my back into it,  so to speak, and get to work. I have a file of photos and ideas that I have been collecting for inspiration plus some wonderful finds to decorate with when I am done. My husband calls it junk but I say "One man's junk is one woman's treasures"!! Ok, the saying isn't exactly like that but in my house it pertains to my hubby and myself.

I just love the scroll work on the eve's of this little studio I found on the BH&G website. And the bright splash of red really catches my eye. How about that cute little wicker chair sitting by the door along with a braided rug. I could just see myself sitting out there enjoying my garden. I missed a chance to buy a set of white wicker furniture, two chairs, loveseat, and small table for a little of nothing on our local swap shop. Boy was I bummed!

And the architectual windows just make this little structure absolutely one of my favorites. I also like the french doors on the front. I do have have a pair of those hiding in my 'junk' pile to put on the end of my studio. I love the boxwood surrounding the plants with the birdbath as a focal point. And the old picket fence..I have some of that stored too.

Put I also like the doors on this shed. I think cutting them in half would just be adorable. I love pale yellow in the garden, it just blends in so well. Take a look at that bright yellow water pump. I have one of those too, my hubby painted it red but I'm likin' that yellow.

And how about a shovel for a doorknob? Wouldn't that just add to the whimsy?
Oh - I just can't wait to get started!
Happy Spring Days to all my blogging buddies! May your daydreams come true!


beckyw said...

We saw three robins today! YAHOOOOO!!!!! Spring is here my friend! Let the gardening dreams commence!

The Clamors said...

I LOVE the blue-red color of the shed in the first picture! I think it would look perfect on yours & would go along well with the color of your house. It would just look awesome!!!

I LOVE the door knocker too! What an ingenious idea! I guess we can turn just about anything into a door knocker huh? Wow!

Hey, btw, I called you 2nite to see if you wanted your car tomorrow. Do ya? Guess not. Ok. I'll keep it :) Love ya Deb!

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

I would love to have any one of those as my own little studio! I'm sure my hubby would love it, too--maybe all my crafty junk wouldn't be strewn all over everywhere!

Connie said...

Our spring still has snow! But I know there's a promise of spring with our daffodils and the popcorn on the apricot tree!
Can't wait to get out in the garden!

Love the pictures on your previous post!
Have a wonderful day!

Jess -n- Jason -n- Crew said...

Wow, the inspiration that comes alive in Spring!! I'm so ready!!! Hope your gardening dreams come true!! Happy Wednesday!


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