Thursday, October 23, 2014

Almost can't be!!

   I just can't believe that 8 months has passed since my last post, seems like yesterday. Soooooo much has happened over spring, summer and now fall that I won't even try to play catch up.

   So I must say goodbye to all my  flowers. I sometimes feel ever so sad about that and then I think of the running game, where I run to the house from work to water, and then to the garden and water, and then to the farm and water and I think "there are good things that come from frost" and I start to relax and my mind.........starts planning for next year. What's up with that???

  Probably the most exciting news is.................we bought 20 acres in the country. Just 2 miles from town, it just perfect for our retirment home. This is the main reason I haven't posted anything, we work our jobs from 8-5 and the rest of the time is spent, cleaning, mowing, moving junk. This little place IS a work in progress. To date the hubs has taken almost 70 ton of old iron and junk from the place......before and work in progress photos to come soon.

  This is the old house that needs to come down so that we can put up something new and start living out there. The prospects are so exciting that I constantly have my nose in floor plans, garden rooms, etc. This house is NOT a fixer upper, maybe if we were 25 years younger and were, well good at those things. But we aren't, just taking off the asbestos siding before razing it seems like a LOT of work to me. will happen.


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