Thursday, January 22, 2015

Blame it on Pinterest

No  matter how hard I try I just can't find time to update my blog. I have a lot of reasons why not such as, the little acreage we just purchased that requires tearing down buildings, mowing, cleaning, building fences. Then add 11 grandchildren that live in 4 different town doing every sport available, then having a JOB!!!

But NO, I am going to blame it on Pinterest! I can work around everything else but when I pull up Pinterest it is like being in a world all my own. Ideas swarm around my head, visions of decorating, gardening, photography, sewing, crafting and scrapping engulf me and pretty soon hours have passed and there is no time to blog, no time to surf the wonderful world of blogging that kept me so busy before.

I think I need an intervention. YEP a full blown, can't touch a computer, pull up a site on my phone, intervention. I need to quit living vicariously through Pinterest, get off my duff and experience the magic of DIY projects.

So here is to living the dream instead of dreaming the dream...........and my first project, to work on my cottage garden studio!!


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