Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Austin Wayne Kennedy - my 2nd in line of 9 grannies. Playing football on the 7th and 8th grade team this year, Austin plays with his head and his heart. You can say that Austin gives it is all.

Austin #23 was one of the team captains at this last game.

Coming off the field after winning the first game.

Austin caught a blocked punt.

He returned if for several yards.

His return set the ball on the one yard line and made it possible for his team to make their first touchdown of the evening.

Needless to say we are very proud of grandson #2 or is that #23!!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Welcome new little one.

Introducing Brody Austin to the family. Born just last Friday, Brody is #9 of my nine grannies. What a wonderful experience to be there to see you take your first breath. What a blessing!

Sweet dreams!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

It has been so long since I have blogged and I thought 'where do I start' then decided, how about now. When I last left you we were putting together the greenhouse. Look what came from that adventure.

Then I fell in love with my sunflowers -  so started taking photos of them.

and other flowers....


The grannies started back to school. Taylor Michael is a junior; Austin and Spencer - 8th grade; Brandt - 5th; Adrianne - 3rd; Jaxon 2nd; Emma 1st; Cash Preschool.

So those are some recents, I was going to add more but really struggling with downloading photos so even though I am back at blogging I didn't get much done.

The END!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Feeding bunnies, pitching hay - the good life.

When the grannies come to stay it's not all work and mostly play.
One of our February chores is putting up the greenhouse. This year it was a brand new one that Jeff bought me on sale last year. It was to late in the season to put it up so I have been excitedly  waiting for that warm day in Feb. when we could put it together. Gramps and uncle Greg have used a lot of patience putting it up with the help of Cash, Emma and Jaxon.

The frame seemed very flimsy but once everything was together it seemed rather sturdy.

Emma and Jax help by putting in the hundreds of screws. We did get the whole thing put together and now it is sitting snuggly in the garden waiting for that planting time.

Jaxon and Cash help with the horse chores. It takes a lot of trips with the little amount they get on their fork but they got them fed. Then Lucas helps grandpa look for places that the rabbits hide and fed them some grain and hay.

Did anyone watch that ad during the Super Bowl? The one about a farmer? Well I couldn't help but think of Jeff during that ad especially when it says a farmer will stop his work in the hay field to splint the leg of a bird. Well that's my Jeff, he would do that and may have even done that. I know he packed a bunny home that got his ears cut in the sickle and nursed it to health. He continued his work that day after hitting it, carrying  the bunny around in his shirt. Well now he goes out to the country and puts alfalfa out for the rabbits this winter and feeds the deer out of his hay stash because he knows they are hungry.  We really need to live in the country!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January Blues or Blue Skies?

The climate is changing, that is the forecast and I am beginning to believe it. Instead of winter snows we are having winter warming. This week's forecast is to be in the 50's plus, which I find amazing, as January has always been our cold month here in ole Nebraska, but not this year. Ok we have had some cooler weather but it doesn't last long and I am OK with that.

This weekend, when it is suppose to be almost 60, **smiling**,  I hope to talk Jeff into setting up the little greenhouse he bought for me last fall. I have been aching to see it put up in the garden and now it is about to come true. That means it is also time to get my seeds ordered so I can start the planting process. So excited about this summer as last summer was so very hot and I was unable to work in the garden,  it is with great hope that I will get my fingers in the soil this year.

Glad to be back at work after having almost one month off in December. You would think that with winter there isn't much to do around the Fort but oh no, we are busier than ever. The guys are gutting the kitchen and replacing almost everything along with working on new plans for the Sutler Store. There is also animals to feed, the buffalo, longhorn and horses are fed daily and soon some new little longhorns will come along.

I am getting contracts ready, going through 2012 files and setting up 2013. Advertising for jobs and getting set for interviews. Ordering merchandise and working on schedules. So busy it is and soon Feb., one of my favorite months, will be here. Need to get some Valentine ideas a going...............!!


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