Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Monday, July 26, 2010

Cookie Monster

It's official, I created a monster. A big ole Cookie Monster that is. Cash had his first cookie at grandma's house.

He is such a sweet little guy and he sure did love that frosting.

I asked him how he like his cookie and this is what he said....................

flubbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb or something like that.

Of course the frosting was the best, and such a nice aqua color.

Even though my deck and rug were pretty aqua colored, who could get mad a  precious little monster face such as this one?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday morning Sun

Just a few pictures I took out at the Fort while waiting for the breakfast ride to come through.

These two sunflowers were framing the windmill and just begging me to take a couple of photos. I love the fresh country air and sunshine. I could have stayed there all day.

I guess I  like the top photo best but it was fun to do landscape and portrait and change the settings a little. 

I love sunflowers, I don't care if they are weeds around here their pretty little brown faces surrounded by the bright yellow petals just makes them a favorite of mine.

I forgot the names of these wild flowers/weeds  but pest or not they light up the landscape with their blooms.  We have a nature center at the Fort and fresh wild flowers are displayed daily.

Rotten thistle,s but they still have beautiful blooms. I didn't get down and smell them but if I remember right from my childhood they have a really pretty smell.

This is definitely where the deer and antelope roam. They love it as much as I do.

Want to see any of this beauty just come on out to the Fort, this was taken from the breakfast hay rack ride but most of the park is open to visitors and they are able to see all of the floral and fauna that make up the beautiful landscape.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fertilizer Friday in my yard.

Joining in Fertilizer Friday with Tootsie today so I am sharing a few things in bloom around the yard. 
My petunias are doing well which surprised me as I planted them from seed in my greenhouse and they seemed to be so slow at getting started. As always I love the sweet potato vine, just can't have enough of that growing.

There always seems to be something blooming in my perennial garden. I love perennials because they fill in so nicely and they just seem go take care of themselves. I took this picture last week and things have already changed so much it doesn't even look like this. The delphiniums are done, my Stella's are still going crazy and all the lilies are in full bloom. sorry I didn't get an update on them.

I love holly hocks, reminds me so much of my grandma's yard. We use to make dolls with pretty dresses from them.

Another view of the perennials. Can you see my tree rose in the background. It is on its second bloom period and smells absolutely amazing.

Since orange is my favorite color I can't get enough of these lilies, and you can tell if you saw a full view of my yard, I have them everywhere.

More oranges in a different shade, they look so bright next to the daisies.

I could take picture after picture of these tiger lilies. Wish they could bloom all summer.

The raised flower beds in my alley get all the overflow from the greenhouse plus any perennials that need thinned out as you can see by the lilies below. These two beds are full of annuals; a few veggies and sunflowers. They haven't started to bloom yet but I so love them in bouquets with wheat.

It is so easy to weed a raised flower bed and I am glad Jeff built them for me.

Another shot of my tree rose.

A few of my forget-me-nots that I planted in the greenhouse after reading comments from a previous post. "Not sad just feeling blue" - a post about trying to find a true blue flower. Just click on the link to see a post about  all of my 'almost blue flowers'. Thanks fellow gardeners for the help.

Just another shot of bushes and flowers.

This is so much fun, however late at night so I am going to say goodnight, be sure to stop at Tootsies for the most wonderful garden, and read those posts from all her followers, they are so amazing.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wellness Day!

   Instead of having  a sick day from work I took a wellness day, and not from work but from my day off. Yes, sounds confusing doesn't it. Like most of the working world I get two days off every week. I work harder than ever on my two days off cleaning house, doing laundry, mowing the lawn and weeding the yard, tilling and weeding my way to big  garden, helping Jeff with the hay or whatever project he has going, working with the horses, I almost have to go back to work to get rest.  
   This week I just needed some time off from reality. It had been a tough week at work, jerks, tears, quitters, over time ......you name it I dealt with it, so, I decided to give myself permission to take a  break and that is just what I did.  I just took off, my house isn't clean, my garden isn't mowed or hoed and the clothes are in the dirty clothes basket.  I know tomorrow is going to kick my behind because I now have only one day to do everything but  I enjoyed every minute of my wellness day. I jumped in the car and left town, headed for Hot Springs and then into Rapid. I walked the streets,  through stores, window shopped,  put things in my shopping cart, and then took them back out, spent money,  ate in a little cafe, dreamed of a life of simplicity.............etc. etc. So I am tired but rejuvenated and ready for the morrow. Happy Day to all!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Bloomin' Yard

Things are finally starting to bloom since the weather has warmed up a little. We could still use some 80 degree weather to make everything a little brighter but then we would just need more rain and then it would be cloudy and cool again. Never a happy medium, no -  that isn't true April, May, Sept. & Oct. in our part of NE is usually just beautiful months.

I started a lot of my petunias in my little greenhouse. Probably won't do that again, they are rather costly and it took them forever to get big. They are worth it though and I am really starting to see some maturity.

I love potato vine and have it growing everywhere. They all came from the same place and were all planted at the same time but some are doing so much better than others. Darn just looking at these photos reminds me that I still need to sand and seal the deck again.

I just love hollyhocks. They are pretty much a weed in my garden popping up everywhere but they so remind me of my Grandma Norman so I love to see them. Anyone remember making dolls from the heads of the hollyhocks?

The daisies are pretty much done and since this photo have been cleaned up for their second bloom period.

I am pretty much down to perennials in the flower beds, with just a few annuals. I miss my big grapevine and fence but the flowers are enjoying the extra light. My rose tree has put on another show and is just filled with blooms.

The railroad tie used to be part of the alley but after moving the fence I just kept it where it was, I want to replace it with a rock wall.Still collecting rocks - cuz I am cheap and won't buy them and in our neck of the woods there just aren't a lot of rocks. Darn!

The lilies and hostas are starting to fill in all the empty places. I love lilies and wish I had hundreds of them in my yard. I had pictures of two different lilies and inadvertently deleted them when I was making a correction, so I will have to show them later I guess.

One of three raised flowerbeds in the alley, I needed more space to take care of perennial transplants so Jeff made me three boxes. This one is annuals - the one on the other side is my fall bed with sunflowers, mums, pumpkins and marigolds.

A simple sunflower came up in the one raised bed and I love them even if they are a weed. Makes my autumn heart pitter patter.

Overflow from perennials and annuals that I grew in the greenhouse.

Some of the red lilies that were overflow.

My sweetpeas and daises make such nice companions so I had to shoot a few different angles of them.

My little doily needs some soaking in some kind of whitening, but it is an outdoor accessory so it is always getting a little dirty.

Up close and personal with the sweet peas.

So tell me, or better yet show me what's blooming in your garden these days!!!!


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