Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fertilizer Friday in my yard.

Joining in Fertilizer Friday with Tootsie today so I am sharing a few things in bloom around the yard. 
My petunias are doing well which surprised me as I planted them from seed in my greenhouse and they seemed to be so slow at getting started. As always I love the sweet potato vine, just can't have enough of that growing.

There always seems to be something blooming in my perennial garden. I love perennials because they fill in so nicely and they just seem go take care of themselves. I took this picture last week and things have already changed so much it doesn't even look like this. The delphiniums are done, my Stella's are still going crazy and all the lilies are in full bloom. sorry I didn't get an update on them.

I love holly hocks, reminds me so much of my grandma's yard. We use to make dolls with pretty dresses from them.

Another view of the perennials. Can you see my tree rose in the background. It is on its second bloom period and smells absolutely amazing.

Since orange is my favorite color I can't get enough of these lilies, and you can tell if you saw a full view of my yard, I have them everywhere.

More oranges in a different shade, they look so bright next to the daisies.

I could take picture after picture of these tiger lilies. Wish they could bloom all summer.

The raised flower beds in my alley get all the overflow from the greenhouse plus any perennials that need thinned out as you can see by the lilies below. These two beds are full of annuals; a few veggies and sunflowers. They haven't started to bloom yet but I so love them in bouquets with wheat.

It is so easy to weed a raised flower bed and I am glad Jeff built them for me.

Another shot of my tree rose.

A few of my forget-me-nots that I planted in the greenhouse after reading comments from a previous post. "Not sad just feeling blue" - a post about trying to find a true blue flower. Just click on the link to see a post about  all of my 'almost blue flowers'. Thanks fellow gardeners for the help.

Just another shot of bushes and flowers.

This is so much fun, however late at night so I am going to say goodnight, be sure to stop at Tootsies for the most wonderful garden, and read those posts from all her followers, they are so amazing.


Junebug said...

Oh mine, what pretty flowers you have. I love the bright orange tiger lilies!! Your yard is just lovely!

Lynn said...

Your gardens look great and congrats on the beautiful tree rose it looks spectacular!

Cheryl said...

You have such a variety of flowers! I also love hollyhocks and tree roses! Your yard just has one beautiful little surprise after another!

Darla said...

Such bright happy colors in your gardens. Love the last photo too.

Becca's Dirt said...

I love that bright orange lily next to the daisies too. It really pops. You have some beautiful bloomers there. I think this may be my first visit so I'll definately be back. Have a nice weekend.

siteseer said...

beautiful hollyhocks, can't wait for mine to bloom. you have such a beautiful yard and sitting space.

Maureen said...

Great shot of the hollyhock! All of your flowers look beautiful.

The Clamors said...

It all looks so pretty Deb! I miss you!


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