Wednesday, January 20, 2016

FOR SALE - Aunt Bob's Pumpkin Patch!

It will be 2 years in February since the hubs and I purchased 20 acres just north of town. We have had many a night pondering what we will do with this little chunk of land besides harboring my goats, horses and our grand dogs. And now that we have the old house torn down we are thinking we might like to build a nice little house and make a move to the country.

To do that we have to get rid of the house we live, Jeff's work shop and my 3 acre garden. We will be putting it up for sale soon.

Every time I think of it I burst into tears. I worked the soil, put up fences, planted trees and perennials, built a toy house for the grannies, put up a small green house and spent many hours tending my garden of pumpkins.

How will I ever let it go? My grand kids have played in the corn field, harvested the fruits, picked sunflowers, road 4-wheelers, had picnics, hosted birthday parties. So many memories have been built on this little piece of heaven.

On of my besties home borders my garden. We sit by her pond and enjoy drinks, visit about our lives, jobs, dreams, births of our grandchildren and even death. Who will sit with me in the country and help figure out life?

Well - I guess home is where the heart is and if I want to make our little Kennedy Farm a home I will have to let go of my garden, hang onto my memories and start making new ones.

The start of the first garden. Holy hocks from seeds I have stored from my mother's garden before she passed away in 1983.

Pumpkins - in the south patch. And look at the lovelies below - it has been such a big part of my life for many years - Aunt Bob's Pumpkin Patch.

I hope I find someone to love this place as much as I do.


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