Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Instead of sheep, let me count the butterflies!

Had a little time on my hands since I once again could not find rest on my pillow tonight, so I played with a photo. Interesting what can be done with just one little picture.

Just the plain ole picture with no playing done to it all except to add my signature.

A reflective frame.

Yet another reflective frame using cream colors instead of black and white.  I added a frame to the frame.

How about black and white?

Or as a pencil sketch?

Or in neon colors, isn't that cool the way the butterfly is outlined?

Or made into a collage!

Or, just all jumbled up.....it just so much fun to play with a photo.

OR MAYBE.....Just the butterfly.


Becca's Dirt said...

Great macro. Seems you can reach out and touch the pretty thing.

Robin Beck said...

I love every single picture... Each got a new ooooo and ahhh out of me!
Keep up the beautiful work, I love it!


Self Sagacity said...

Ya, Ya. They are all so much fun to see. I love the pictures.


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