Monday, August 9, 2010

My Little Curly Girls!

I had the honor of having my two little precious grand daughters over for the night. We celebrated Miss Adrianne's 5th birthday on Sat. night and the girls spent the night with grandma and papa. We had a great time playing on the deck despite the heat.

I call them my Curly Girls because they both have these little ringlets of blonde hair. Adrianne's is getting straighter because of the length but still curls in little ringlets when it is all fixed up.
They are so precious and I just love to have them come spend time with me.

Both girls love the flower garden and we spent a little time finding them just the perfect flowers. Emma picked her bouquet to take home to her mama and then I saw that they were still sitting on the counter after she left. Sorry Anne that they didn't get home.

Both girls love animals and papa got a new barn for his 54th birthday...... the girls spent some major time playing with HIS new toy.

It has been so long since Emma let me take some photos of her. She told me I could take exactly four, so I had to make the best of it.

Don't you love the pink stash? Short of using bleach I tried everything to get the Kool Aid stain from her little mouth. I even tried make up remover.

Em doesn't really like bugs but she is intrigued by them  and just had to wear her buggy shirt, however when they get close she runs.

Here she is in the tub, she is such a little fish and just lays her head down and swishes around. It was funny the way she told me she needed a bath. I think she called it 'running her through the tub'. It doesn't matter if she just took a bath at her dad's, she come to my house and want to get out the bubble bath and soak. Typical little girl!!

I can't wait for the girls to come again!!


beckyw said...

Awwwwww.... so stinkin precious!

Lisa said...

Awww, they're little sweethearts! So sweet!

Self Sagacity said...
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Self Sagacity said...

What gorgeous little girls! So lucky you have their company, or vice verse. They have beautiful hair and sweet smiles.


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