Monday, August 23, 2010

Emma and Capatillers

Emma was visiting this weekend and while working in the garden she found a fuzzy little caterpillar. We got such a kick out of watching her and what she calls them (capatillers).
 Em didn't like bugs especially flies when she was smaller but now is enthralled with them, as you can see by the shirt she is wearing. We just have so much fun when Emma comes to visit.

You can't really see the Mr. Capatiller in this photo but Emma has him in her hands.

I thought that she would go crazy with him crawling all over but she didn't she just watched and watched him.

Mr. Capatiller tried to make an escape, but Emma wouldn't have it.

Can you see him, he is a little fuzzy, well not just his body but the picture too.

I think Mr. Capatiller liked Emma because when she tried to put him down he just clung to her. Well that's what we told Emma. Mr. Capatiller did make it to safety in the flower bed.

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Jess -n- Jason -n- Crew said...

A sweet little girl, with a sweet little capitillar...! Love it!


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