Saturday, April 11, 2009

Our busy day and the friends we saw along the way!

We had a busy wonderful day. First we spent time with the family at the Jeremy Kennedy home where we ate pizza and birthday cake. Grandpa made him one of his special JD boxes and I got him bunnies, he also got money, books, hunting equipment and shells for his gun. Adrianne also got a bunny - (couldn't leave her out, she is such a little animal lover). Greg, Taylor, Brandi and Jaxon also joined in the fun. Then it was down to the Easter Egg hunt with the Keane family, even papa went. It was his first time ever at an Easter Egg Hunt. Later Jaxon dyed a few dozen eggs with the help of grandma and Mom. We then took his new kite for a spin. Along the way we saw so many friends and family, it was great. What a wonderful, windy, spring day!

Austin with his birthday present from grandma.

Adrianne with her new Easter bunny which she has named Jennie.

Caiden tries out Austin's new scooter! It's electric!!

Papa and Jeremy setting up the bunnies new home.

It was a great spring day to play!

The birthday boy - where did nine years go?

Adrianne playing on the swing set at Austin's birthday party!

The crowd on their way to hunt eggs! Thanks to the Espinoza, Green, Bosak, Victory families and Chamber of Commerce for a wonderful Easter Egg Hunt!

Hunting eggs!

Counting eggs!

Preston and the Easter Bunny!

Jaxon and the Easter Bunny!

The Wendlands and the Easter Bunny!

Talon and Grandpa Jeff racing up the hill

Buddies Jaxon and Talon

Our pals T.J. and Talon!

So many many colors!

Gotta eat the cracked ones!

Jaxon kept saying, "I'm almost done grandma", as he put stickers on one of his Optimus Prime Easter Eggs, when he was done you couldn't even see the egg.

The finished product!

Flying the kite won at the Easter Egg Hunt.

It's UP!


Rudloff5 said...

I enjoyed looking at all the pics. Have a great Easter!

The Clamors said...

Hasn't the weather been just beautiful. Great pics, I enjoyed looking at all of them :)


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