Sunday, April 26, 2009

Austin's 1st. Communion!

Today Austin received his first communion. He looked so handsome standing at the alter, kind of just all grown up. I am so very proud of him. While listening to Father speak I though of the years when we took Austin to church when he was a little guy, the time he threw a bottle at the Oetken boy. Hit Seth right between the eyes and it seemed like church was totaly silent when Seth said "Stupid Baby". The time just seems to fly watching my grandchildren grow. Oh these wonderful times in our lives!


Misty said...

Just checking in on you Debbie! I love the new/old horse! Looks like you had a good old time with the grandbabies! We'll join in next time! We love new/old horses!

The Clamors said...

Love the horse Deb, and what wonderful memories you will all make with Golden Nugget, that's fantastic. I laughed so hard at your memories of Austin at church as a little boy. HeHe! Give me a ring when you want your house cleaned.

Brandi said...

So proud of Austin! Wish we could've been there to see his first communion. They look like one big happy family in the picture you took!


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