Saturday, January 9, 2010

YIPPEE!! A place to GO!

Materials for crafts...........where to go? - Hobby Lobby!!

Supplies for Christmas projects --- where to go? Hobby Lobby!

Rooster prints - where to go? -- Hobby Lobby!!

Florals, candles & poster prints - where to go? -- Hobby Lobby!!

And where in the world do you go for chicken lights? -- Hobby Lobby
(yes that really is a chicken, should have a shot without it lit, but I don't)

You probably already know this but I didn't until just the other day until a friend told me. You can now shop Hobby Lobby on line. That is great news for those of us who live over 100 miles to the nearest store. Here is their website:


Robin Beck said...

I was going to write that we don't have a Hobby Lobby anywhere near us, THEN I read your last line! It's good to know it's online.

I am in the process of sending a bunch of stuff to Goodwill. I am in a "out with the old" mood. Anything I haven't used in a year is gone no matter what it is. So far it's feeling really good!


Love all your cute crafts and decor!

Misty said...

That is exciting news! Now, I can order the supplies and beg you to create cuteness out of them! :o) I'm still in LOVE with your scarecrow!

Brandi said...

Have you tried it out yet? I couldn't find what I was looking for. Grrr!


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