Saturday, January 23, 2010

When one can't sleep, one must play!

Ever have one of those nights, you bounce, you turn, you fluff the pillows, you count sheep....but all to no avail. You just can't settle down and sleep, no matter what you do, sleep just won't come. That is what most of my nights are like. I'm exhausted, go to bed and find that no matter how tired I am my mind just won't stop for a little shut eye.

My play with my photos. I wish it were to catch up on my scrapbooking but nope, I play with picutres until I have them so mixed around I don't even know which was is up. Thankfully my Mac takes care of me and all that I do can be undone.

So I play and play until my hubby yells at me to get to bed. However I know if I give it a few minutes he is back in la la land and I can play some more.

My poor little bleeding hearts, they don't know if they are pink or red or squished or squashed but no matter what, they are still pretty.

So tell me........what do you do on those restless nights?

If anyone has some secret knowledge on how to sleep, please share. Going to bed and getting up at the same time; drinking a warm glass of milk before bedtime; having your room a special haven with NO interruptions; having dark out curtains; playing soft music; running a fan; taking herbal pills; taking sleeping pills - but still here I sit defiling my photos. I'm open for any suggestions................


Robin Beck said...

I'm the opposite-My head hits the pillow and I'm out.
But every once in a while I can't sleep, usually because I drank something with caffeine in it too late in the day. What helps then is reading. Reading always settles me down and makes me tired. I have a special light for my book so not to wake my husband.
My mom has such a hard time sleeping every night that she takes a Tylenol PM (every other night) She has been to the doctors and everything. She even stops drinking anything with caffeine at noon. Still she has a horrible time sleeping.
Hope you get some shut eye, though I like your photos! :)


Brandi said...
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beckyw said...

I love the second one from the bottm..... IT iS SOOO NEAT!
As for sleep, I don't have any help for ya....maybe a heat pack on the neck??????? Works for me to relax.
Hugs, B

Connie said...

Hope you don't mind that I visit. I have a fan in the room that helps me sleep. I usually start out reading a book and within minutes the book is on my face and I'm gone.
Looks like you had fun playing with your photos!


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