Wednesday, January 6, 2010


So far I have received about half a dozen seed catalogs, so I have been flipping through the pages dreaming about my garden. My fingers just get itchy wanting to get out and dig in the Earth and what the is suppose to -35 degrees on Thursday. January always seems to be such a long month so I am thinking I need a project or two to do around the house. Anyone have any ideas?????


Unknown said...

soon soon enough..... You can do some organizing drawers, and closets... see my blog!!!! he!

Robin Beck said...

So beautiful! Though I AM enjoying the winter season but only for one reason...Spring brings on the bees and I am deathly allergic to them. Doesn't stop me from living a normal life outside but I have to tell you I am much more relaxed in the winter!


Jess -n- Jason -n- Crew said...

I know... I know... I've been thinking the same things. I woke up this morning to -14 degrees, and the first thing I thought of was my flower gardens full of Grandpa's flowers!!!! Soon!!!


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