Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Brandi and the boys invited me to Hemingford today to attend the craft bazaar, visit with Santa and eat at the Firehall. We had a great time, bought to much, ate some really good food and laughed as the boys visited with Santa. Poor Jaxon was a little worried, he couldn't remember what he REALLY wanted from Santa and now is worried that he won't bring him the Optimus Prime that has been on his list for a month. We told him not to worry and that he can come to Grandpa's firehall to see him again. Cash just laughed about Santa but I missed the shot. I think Brandi got a really good one and so didn't the gal that takes the photos.

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Robin Beck said...

Soooo cute! I hope you had a wonderful time checking out all the crafts at the bazaar. We are going to a really big Christmas craft show this week-I'm so excited!

By the way... I had my husband holding the ladder for me. He was guiding me through the whole process and taking photos once I got up to the tree. He's my dream boat. :)


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