Monday, December 28, 2009

Cool Santa!

Isn't this just the coolest looking Santa? And the kids are pretty cute too! Brandi and I took Cash to RC and got his photo with Santa and then when Damion's family came through they stopped to see the jolly old elf too. I was impressed, he looks like the real deal........maybe he WAS!!

        Lucas and Santa!

Cash and Santa!


Rudloff5 said...

those pics are very cute with santa!! i love your top pics too of all the grandchildren. you are very blessed!

The Clamors said...

Yes I absolutely LOVE the Santa! And Deb how do you put multiple pics across the top of the blog header? Please let me know, maybe email me? Thanks Deb & I'm glad you are getting to enjoy your grannies over the holiday season :) God Bless.


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