Friday, December 25, 2009

Santa came for supper!

Only Santa would be out on a day like today so we just invited him for Christmas supper! I don't know how much snow we have but the wind is at gale force at times so Jeff and I decided to stay put in our snug little house and enjoy our Christmas together. I don't have all the talent I see on these wonderful blogs I follow but I tried to make it a little special for us. We had Chicken Parmesan, Midwestern corn; flaky butter rolls and pecan pie.

My little kitchen nook dining area just doesn't hold very many people but it was just the right size for Jeff and myself. It was nice to sit and visit about the days happenings and reminisce about old Christmas' past.

Snowflakes, snowflakes everywhere. My plates were a special gift from my daughter and I love that I can keep them up until Valentine's Day, because where I live it will still be snowing. I loved these $1 wine goblets I found at the Dollar Store in Sheridan. We had a little whine......I mean wine with our meal. It actually was sparkling grape juice but it was delish! Really we aren't whining because we are home alone, just 35 years of marriage, 4 children, 7 grandchildren and it is sad not to be with them on Christmas day. However everyone is warm and safe and that is the important thing.

Just a little different angle.

See, Santa left his hat on the table so I just had to pop in the silverware......

What is a quaint little meal without a little candle lite? Jeff complains because he can't see his food but I think it's kind of romantic. And Santa loved it!!!

Here is jolly ole St. Nick himself. I painted him many years ago, probably 30 or so. At the time it was the 'thing' to do by not putting paint on very thick. Hard to part with things you have had forever.

As you can see Santa is all over my little kitchen nook. His hat is on the trees and holds the cutlery. His colors of red and white are sprinkled everywhere and OH there is that wonderful print of him on the wall. His books adorn my grand children's library and even his mittens are on the tree.

So the evening draws near and Christmas comes to a close. We pray that everyone stayed safe and warm and had a wonderful day. Our hearts go out to those who could not be with the ones they loved and to those who have recently lost loved ones. May God's blessing be with you all.


Becky@Beyond The Picket Fence said...

I love the tree close to the table. So warm and cozy! Adorable baby pics too!

beckyw said...

I love how you always tell a story with your pics!
Merry Christmas Deb & Jeff!

Jess -n- Jason -n- Crew said...

So sorry you weren't able to spend time with your kids and grannies, but I, too am glad all are safe. We opted to stay home and not travel, as well.

Glad you made the best of it, and had a good time!! Merry Christmas!


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