Sunday, November 29, 2009


This just  proves that you can use anything for a backdrop when playing with your photography. As you can tell this was just an impromtu photo shoot as no one is dressed in their Christmas best or has their hair fixed. My son Greg,  was looking at my new photo of the Big Mr. S. and said "Hey you should take a picture with that picture in the background". So we did, I never need encouragement to stop and take a  picture, especially if its of one of my grannies. :)

This photo was taken with natural light. I like how you can see the Christmas tree lights in the background, that was just a reflection on the print the tree really was behind me. This photo is little Miss Emma.

We tried several poses with her but had to hurry as she was on her way home, even in our rush I liked how the pictures turned out.

I absolutely fell in love with this print that I got at Herberger's. It was on sale and I passed it up the first time as I didn't have room in my car. I was headed to Sheridan to greet the new grandson and was in too big of a hurry to re-arrange the many things I was taking to the kids. However I came back through Rapid on the way home because I couldn't get this print out of my head.

Taylor even gave me a pose before he left. His red shirt went well with ole Santa.

Cash is just learning to sit by himself so I had to be quick to get his photo when he was sitting up, just in case he took a header.

Then my little 'Transformer Bumble Bee' joined his brother for a Santa shot.

Here Bumble Bee (Jaxon), is sure to be on the 'nice' list since he sat so nicely for his grannnie.

And one more shot of our little Cash.


beckyw said...

OHHHH! I LOVE IT! Now, when are you doing more shoots????

Jess -n- Jason -n- Crew said...

What a beautiful picture, Deb. And what you did with it was even better!! Very impressive. Of course, your subjects being so cute make it easier, right?!?!?

Hope your back issues are settling down, and Jeff is doing better. Don't ya just wish we could all be healthy and have no issues like that?!?!?!

Anyways, thanks for sharing the photos. They're great!!

Have a good Tuesday!


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