Friday, November 27, 2009

Because I can't get enough of this baby....

I promise this will be the last pictures of our little Lucas -  for awhile, mostly because I am not there to take any more and then tomorrow I start decorating for Christmas so probably won't have much time to blog for a few days, then hopefully I can get some decorations on my blog. I was so sorry to put away my fall stuff, first of all I love it so much, and second - it went so well in my newly decorated kitchen. However I LOVE my red plates with white snowflakes and because I have spent several years buying things to add to that theme I just didn't have the heart to give it up. How is everyone else doing on their decorations? Can't wait to see what everyone else is up to.

Snuggling with his daddy.

Snuggling with his mommy!

Took his picture in one of his Christmas outfits as it will not fit again, he was squeezed into as it was.

First Bath at home!

Ellie (memaw to her grannies) gave the first bath to Lucas as her mother did for her children. Lucas really didn't seem to mind it to much.

All ready to go for his first Dr.'s check-up.

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The Clamors said...

Oh Deb he's just beautiful! I don't think any of us get tired of baby pictures :) Keep them comin'


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