Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mosaic Monday - Seeing Red/Orange/Yellow

This week, I've done a compilation of some of my favorite photos from my garden. I love to take pictures of my  flowers and  perennials are a  favorite of mine. I really enjoy playing with the mosaics and thought I would share some of my flowers that I used to make the red/orange mosaic I shared on a previous post. Then enjoyed throwing in a twist to mix things up. 
This little bee didn't know that he was the center of my attention but I enjoy looking at this photo just because he blends in so well with his surroundings. So I used this photo to give a pop of contrast to add to some of these photos below.

Lilies are a favorite of mine, they come in so many different shapes and sizes but what I enjoy most is that they love to bloom and bloom and bloom, giving the garden so much color from spring to fall.

Iris's are another favorite of mine because of their variety. I wish that they would stay in bloom through out the summer and have found several varieties that will come back in late summer and bloom. I live only an hour away from an awesome iris farm and could spend many an hour just looking at the different varieties. 

So........ this was my red/orange mosaic from a few days ago and with a little magic of my Mac I made it into this.......stare to long at it and it will make you a little crazy.

So today I am linking up with The Little Red House for Mosaic Monday and some fun. Be sure to stop in and visit  Mary and look at the some 100+ Mosaics from fellow bloggers and ENJOY!


Adrienne said...

I like taking photos of my flowers too.

I already use Updated Editor. On some photos if I go to x-large it cuts off part of the photo.

You have a two column layout and mine is three, but I've seen others with three column that manage to get all their photos large.

Spell check is there. Just right click on the word when it's underlined. You'll get a pop up box. I thought exactly the same thing when I switched to the new editor. Took me at least a week (maybe longer) to figure it out, and then it was pure accident.

deb said...

Great photos and mosaics! The second one is just awesome!!!

Ebie said...

Hi Deb, your magic is really awesome, and I am loving it!

Adrienne said...

I left this at my place but I'll save you a trip over and repeat it here...

Debbie - Bless you!!!! That was the exact post I was looking for. I never made a note when I read it and, of course, never could remember. Great minds (well - at least yours is great!)

ch said...

Wow! What gorgeous mosaics and photos! Love the colors! And designs!

Diann said...

love your mosaic! So vibrant and alive!!

Debbiedoos said...

That was gorgeous!!~

Troy said...

Wow! I love your fractal mosiac.

Thanks for visiting my blog and the nice comment you left.

I hope I lived up to your "guy blogger" expectations.


eileeninmd said...

Deb, your flowers are just gorgeous. But WOW, your mosaics are stunning. Did your mosaic or photo editor come with the Mac?

Anonymous said...

On these cold days of winter playing with your pictures from warmer days is just the antidote. Love the mosaics especially that sunflower center and the second one is wild. ~Jeanne

Snap said...

Gorgeous! Hurry spring! :D :D

Amanda at 32˙North said...

I never get tired of looking at flowers and taking pictures of them is rewarding as they change every day. You've taken some lovely shots - thanks for sharing!

Robin Beck said...

I love coming over here and checking out all your lovely photos and mosaics! You do amazing work. Your photos always bring a big smile to my face!
I love that you are having fun with them too doing the mosaics and such.

Have a great week,


Cass @ That Old House said...

OH MY GOSH I am dazzled! Both by the beautiful flowers, and what you did with them. What program do you use to make collages? I've never seen anything like it.

And I've got fingers crossed that your perennials, AND mine, pop up strong and hearty after winter is gone.

Again -- amazing mosaics!

beckyw said...

Truely GORGEOUS Debbie! I am so glad to have looked..... brightened my day!

Meri said...

Great colors and crazy in a fabulous way.

GardenOfDaisies said...

What a fun kaleidoscope of pictures! LOVE all the sunflowers!!


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