Monday, February 8, 2010

Fourteen Days of Love - Day 8 - Must Love Pets!

Today I am joining in the Fourteen Days of Love Day 8 - Must Love Pets, as anyone who knows me I am a pet lover.......I mean I am CRAZY for animals! However having lost two of our pups this year Pokey Dots our beloved Dalmatian who died at age 16 and Poncho a grannie dog who passed away from cancer at age 10, we are just down to a cat, horse and a view grannies. However we love, love, love what we have.
This is Cali Cat better know as Sal or Sally Alley Cat or what ever little love name we give her. She wandered into our home some 10 years ago a yowlling, bowlegged, half starved kitten. We took her in, fed her and made a visit to the vet. He told us that she was starving and therefore the bowlegs and bloated belly. She quickly became part of the family and has given us her undevoted love every since.

She is a tortoise shell colored calico cat and we think very pretty.

She loves Christmas and always has a present under the tree.

She  rang in the New Year with us.

 She loves our grannies and pesters them until they get frustrated with her and push her away. She sleeps in the armpit of my husband as she is very dedicated to him. One of her weird little quirks is that she has to be facing your face, so no matter how many times you roll over in bed - she moves with.

This is one of our grannie dogs - BoDegga. He lives with us and protects our shop. His mom and dad aren't able to keep a dog where they live after moving to a different town. Boddie now keeps my hubby company after the loss of his precious Pokey. Boddie helped to celebrate Emma's birthday.

This is my horse Nugget. She is a spritley 18 years old but still has the get up and go of a youngster. She is a sweet ole gal that the grannies can ride on and she talks to us with her little nickers.

This sad little guy is our grannie Schultz. He doesn't live with us but he loves to come visit. As soon as we head to bed he makes a beeline to sleep with us, right smack dab in the middle. This is kind of funny because during the daylight hours he doesn't care to much for Jeff but at night, they are best buds. Schutlz was a little depressed at Christmas, his home was invaded by a 9 lb. bouncing baby boy named Lucus and he wasn't sure if he was ready to share the limelight. Isn't the photo below funny looking?

Guess what was waiting for the grannies at Easter? Yepper a couple of bunnies, this little guy was the tamest at first now they are all fat little loving creatures.

My last little grannie dog I don't have a photo of, I would have taken it but he just was injured chasing a cat into the highway, where he was hit by a car. Luckily he has lived to tell the tale but he is now missing front teeth and is pretty banged up. Little Poco came to live with my son a few years ago, he is just a little peanut of a dog and full of energy. I will for sure be taking a photo of him soon, just didn't realize I didn't have one.

This is our little grannie TalllaDegga, he doesn't live with us either but we got him as a Christmas gift for our grandson two years ago. Tallie is the nicest male cat I have ever been around. He loves his owner and never tires of playing trucks, action heros or being pulled around in a wagon.

This little kitten isn't mine, but she loves to visit me in the garden and I had fun taking photos of her with the pumpkins. I have about 50 pictures of him and everyone of them just adorable.

I couldn't put this post to rest without including our two pups that passed this past year. 
May they rest in peace.

Pokey Dots Kennedy

Poncho Kennedy

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Anonymous said...

Your pet family is fluffy, funny, loveable, sweet and wondefully diverse. I love them all. I'm sorry to hear about your losses. It's hard, isn't it? Thanks for all the photos and everything. Jenn

Brandi said...

oh, and your pets...they are lucky to have you!

Adrienne said...

I had a cat named Mouse that looked very much like Sal except her eyes were bright green. I mean really, really green. I've never seen eyes like that before or since.

I'm sorry for the loss of your babies. My avatar is Elle and she just died Jan 4th. It was unexpected and we have been devastated.

Our older doggie misses her so much...

Donna said...

Your babies are so cute! Animals can bring so much love into our lives. Love them!

Beansieleigh said...

Oh my goodness.. ALL your pets are ADORABLE!!.. I got a kick out of meeting Tallie! He looks like my Tuffy!.. Nice to meet them all! ~tina

bj said...

O yes...I can see how much you love animals. They are all amazing!!

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage said...

You obviously love animals as much as we do! Even before we moved to our little farm, we had seven cats, two dogs, and a dwarf bunny named Cadbury.

They are all precious members of your family!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment. It's hard to convey that story. I was so amazed that the girl whispered to our golden. Oh how I miss our golden now that I think more about it. I love our dog dude but for different reasons. Also, I meant to tell you that your calico reminds me of a feral momma cat we fed - only she had a sideways groucho marx mustache right under her nose - and was named "GRoucho" for that reason. When I saw your calico I even missed that wild momma. Thanks - Jenn

Marilyn said...

Thanks for stopping by to visit my animals and me. RooRoo just came out with her little legs bent above her paws and grew up hopping around. That was her normal way of moving around. Sarah was always able to take care of newborns and could mimic the mothering very well.

Your animals are lucky, too. I always say that our pets are often better taken care of than some humans.

The Clamors said...

Is that all the pets? HeHe, how cute!


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