Monday, October 31, 2011

Check out my little Fiddle Player! I am so proud of Emma for taking up the violin and I hope she keeps it up. Emma went to a small concert out here at the Fort this summer. The band is new but I think will make it big some day. "Dyer Highway" a group of three siblings played for us on the parade ground. I understand why Emma became enthralled. The young fiddle playing lady (age 14) stood on the stage, a soft silky shirt that floated gently in the wind as she dipped and swayed to her music. It was like a feather gently teasing your senses. I guess it teased Emma so much that she went home and asked her mom if she could get lessons and sure enough her mama encouraged her to start.
This violin is just a little larger than her papa's hand and is not the smalled violin that is used for lessons. But it is about the cutest little instrument I have ever seen.
P.S. Please forgive the wild hairdo, she had been playing at full speed outside for hours with her cousins and I caught her just long enough to show me what she has learned.

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Avalon's Garden and Mewsings of Garden Cottage Cats said...

Awwwwww Good for her :) I hope she enjoys it~ She's Adorable:)
When I was small I too took violin in school.That was when they actually had music in school,,, but what I really wanted to play the organ, but they didn't have that in school :( oh well

Maybe she will grow up to play like Vanessa-Mae, Absolutely Fantastic!!! ;)
Good Luck to her ~
Happy Thanksgiving to you & Yours~


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