Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Welcome to our 3rd Progressive Supper. My daughter and some of her friends started this tradition with me three years ago and it has just become a high light in my holiday list of seasonal cheer. I was saddened that we had lost one of our original members when she moved away from the area. My wonderfully talented niece Mandy, made the move over the summer so was unable to attend. We also lost our little Angie, who didn't have a babysitter. Angie's home had always been on the list of homes to stop at. She, like Mandy, has a talent that rivals no other and shares my love of Christmas. Our little Lisa didn't come,  I am not sure why. She was host  one of the years and yum, yum can that girl cook. My niece Phaedra was on the list to come and even host if she got into her new home, always full of sprite we  missed her happy go lucky personality. I hope her other party was everything she wanted it to be. HOWEVER when I stopped boo hooing because we lost friends, I rejoiced in the new faces that we were so happy to have join us. Fish, a Chadronite, came all the way over with Jess to help us celebrate. Her name really isn't Fish but what a fun nick name it is. Also new on our list is Tracy, her stay was cut a little short so you won't see her in the photo but believe me we enjoyed her company and I hope she continues to share with us our little tradition. Amanda was also new this year, she so graciously opened her home to us AND did the main meal. Thanks Amanda.
 So here goes a little picture story of our dinner.

Our first stop was at Becky's. We had some yummy appetizers at her home and her eye candy was just beautiful as always. Becky added a new tree to her living room and I didn't take a picture - sorry! I think I was so enthralled with her big tree and the view that I forgot.

You can't really see the church's steeple in the window, I tried to capture it,  really you just had to be there. Becky's home is on a hill and when the sun was setting that evening you could see the outline of the church steeple, surrounded by Becky's tree lights - it was absolutely blazing beautiful.

When you have been host for  a couple of years you feel like you need to mix things up a little with your decorating.  Becky made this cool little centerpiece from twigs and candy. Sorry I didn't get a full shot where you could see her pretty decorations on the bottom of the jar. All pretty and blue it was a really sweet centerpiece. After a few bottles of wine, some hilarious chit chat we were off to the next house.
Thanks Becky & JEFF for opening your beautiful home to us. It was so much fun.

Amanda's home was so warm and inviting, I could have snuggled up to that fire and never moved. Her table was set in reds and gold and the food - was oh so yummy! Glazed ham, creamy mashed potatoes; green beans and a pasta salad that I really needed to take a photo of. It was as pretty as a Christmas picture.

Here is the ham. It was cooked to perfection and just melted in your mouth. I think some of the thanks goes to her husband Joe, who  was bustling about the kitchen when we got there. Amanda also had some gorgeous Christmas trees in her home too. It is a HUGE home - thank you Amanda and Joe for opening your home to us.

Our last stop was my house for dessert. It wasn't what I had planned on it being but it looked festive...that counts doesn't it? Well I had the best help making my jello and brownie desserts from two little grannies. What they didn't eat they decorated and it was fun in itself.
It wasn't all frosty at my house, I also had some warm hot cocoa in the snowman jar. Isn't he cute? This little snowman belongs to my daughter and if ever I can find one like him I am buying it johnny on the spot, even if it isn't on sale. 

So here is our group minus Tracy, who ran home to help with some baby sitting issues. She was with us in spirit though and I want to thank her for helping to make the night so much fun.

So here we are - back row: Becky, Misty, Amanda and Brandi. Front row: Myself (Deb), Fish and Jess. 


beckyw said...

YEA! LOVE the pics! Didn't we have a great time? ! ? ! Thank YOU for being such a great friend to all of us! Merry Christmas, dear one.......

Avalon's Garden and Mewsings of Garden Cottage Cats said...

What a Fun idea :~)
The Decorations & the Food look Wonderful.The Dessert looks so Festive, and that sure does count...lol
You all look like you had a Wonderful time:~)

Have a Blessed & Merry Christmas ~


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