Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Christmas Card!

So I got a wild hair and decided that I should do a Christmas card with the horses. Now I take pictures every day; I do weddings; senior photos; baby settings; little kid settings, football, basketball and baseball action shots  but this was a first at trying to take posed pictures of horses. I thought I could throw a little Santa hat on the horses or put a little greenery around their necks and YEP get a photo. After all they are a couple of very tame, very old, very good horses. Well let me tell you that only sounded good in theory. When they saw me heading out with a Santa hat and the camera they knew something was out of the ordinary. 

Let's just say many loops around the corral, a bucket of grain, a bale of alfalfa and many photos later I  had nothing - just a couple of old goofy horses that knew something was under foot and  they weren't going to be any part of it.

So I talk Jeff into helping and now I have thrown another kink in the rope. Jeff doesn't usually ride the horses but he is the one who helps me to catch and saddle them when I want to go riding or take the grannies out in the pasture.  Those two old horses were sure something bad was coming their way, and made sure neither of us got very close. I finally ditched the Santa hats; the greenery and the bow, all the little props I was going to use for the photo and added instead myself and Jeff. 

I drug out the halters and  lead ropes, grabbed the tripod and decided that it would be ok to have Jeff and myself in the photo. I didn't plan on my old horse Nugget thinking that a camera and flash on a tripod was a threat. She snorted, pawed, pranced, smacked me in the head, stepped on my foot and did anything to NOT get in the photo. However, we made it. I look a little worse for the wear, Jeff was past the smiling and thinking they were funny stage but dang the horses looked pretty good. It made for some good laughs, helped to pass the day away and I hope friends and family can get as much a kick out of the cards as we did taking the photo.

Thank goodness I hadn't thought about getting the cat and grand dogs in the photo !!

MMM - need a  bigger hat!


beckyw said...

LOve it!!!!!! Congrats on getting a shot~!

Avalon's Garden and Mewsings of Garden Cottage Cats said...

That's just too Funny
But you did get some Wonderful photos. The last photo is just Beautiful ;~)

Have a Very Merry Christmas ~


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