Sunday, December 26, 2010

A wonderful Christmas!

   Here we are the whole gang! What a wonderful, wonderful Christmas for all of us. This was our first Christmas all together in a long time and we had so much fun, I can't remember a better Christmas.     
   It was a week long holiday for us, we spent every day enjoying the holiday. Although this was Jeremy's holiday to have the kids he generously let his ex have the kids last weekend,  again on Thursday while he worked, and overnight  until mid day on Christmas Eve. So some of the events we had planned for the kiddos were changed a little we still had the best of times. You can see those photos below.  What a wonderful father he is to give up his time to help the kids through the holiday and let them celebrate Christmas with their mom. 
   On Friday Brandi and the boys came from Hemingford, Damion and his family came from Sheridan  and we all went to Greg's for some of Jeff's famous chili.  The night was spent full of laughter, fun and games. 
   Christmas Morning was so much fun this year watching Lucas open his gifts from Santa. I think his folks had more fun opening gifts than Lucas, he just really wanted to play with the paper and boxes. After a relaxed morning of opening gifts and drinking coffee in our pj's we then went to Greg's for dinner. Taylor Michael drove his new pickup from Chadron and that completed our family. Jeremy had bought and cooked prime rib, Brandi and Shane cooked a ham and it was yummy good. I wasn't sure I was ready for a Christmas dinner without turkey, however it was just the best. We spent the afternoon enjoying each others company, playing games and eating until our eyes bulged. 
   Our family was just truly blessed this year and I hope that all of my blogging buddies had just as wonderful Christmas as we did. May the New Year bring us all wonderful days, true riches of family and friendship.

This is the gingerbread house we made - it was a festive little home. 

Then came the cooking baking! We had so much fun watching the little ones make cookies to put out for Santa. Bless Brandi's heart, she let them use anything they wanted to decorate their cookies. 

Emma chose to make gingerbread girls for her cookies.

Helping hands!

Can you see the cookie? This was Cash's cookie, Emma and Jaxon really decorated theirs!!

The shirt does not lie, Cash  ate Santa's cookies!!

Lucas Christmas morning with his new car.

Lucas on his new horse that papa made. 


beckyw said...

My heart swelled with delight! What a wonderful Christmas celebration! What FUN!

Brandi said...

It was an awesome Christmas! Best we have had in years! SO nice to see a smile on everyone's face!!! Praise God....we are blessed!

Misty said...

Wonderful pictures! Thanks for sharing!! We enjoyed Christmas Eve with you all! Let's get together again soon!! Much love and hugs!!


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