Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wellness Day!

   Instead of having  a sick day from work I took a wellness day, and not from work but from my day off. Yes, sounds confusing doesn't it. Like most of the working world I get two days off every week. I work harder than ever on my two days off cleaning house, doing laundry, mowing the lawn and weeding the yard, tilling and weeding my way to big  garden, helping Jeff with the hay or whatever project he has going, working with the horses, I almost have to go back to work to get rest.  
   This week I just needed some time off from reality. It had been a tough week at work, jerks, tears, quitters, over time name it I dealt with it, so, I decided to give myself permission to take a  break and that is just what I did.  I just took off, my house isn't clean, my garden isn't mowed or hoed and the clothes are in the dirty clothes basket.  I know tomorrow is going to kick my behind because I now have only one day to do everything but  I enjoyed every minute of my wellness day. I jumped in the car and left town, headed for Hot Springs and then into Rapid. I walked the streets,  through stores, window shopped,  put things in my shopping cart, and then took them back out, spent money,  ate in a little cafe, dreamed of a life of simplicity.............etc. etc. So I am tired but rejuvenated and ready for the morrow. Happy Day to all!


Robin Beck said...

I think everyone needs a wellness day now and again, good for you!

I'm off today but I've already jumped on cleaning the house... My next day off will be a wellness day. I too get two days off-One is always to get things back in order and the other is ALWAYS a wellness day (no guilt allowed!)

Glad to hear you had a lovely day!


Jess -n- Jason -n- Crew said...

OMG, Deb. I am so happy for you to have taken a wellness day. And shopping alone, taking your time, and just chillin out is SOOOOO great!

I am glad you had a day to rejuvenate. You're WAY overdue, I'm sure.

Hopin things at work are better this week. Hugs from all of us Busy Blundells!!


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