Monday, October 19, 2009

Not so good.....not so bad.

Friday was kind of a crappy day for the Kennedy family, well for Jeremy. He lost his horse to something, maybe a heart attack. We don't know, and it doesn't matter, he was devestated and my heart just broke for him. When they are little you can put them on your lap and comfort them but when they are bigger all you can do is let them know you are there for them. (Ladies, it doesn't get any easier, maybe even harder when your kids get bigger.) Adrianne spent the night with us, she loves to come over and we love to have her. She and I had a girl's night out and went to the show "Where the Wild Things Are", while papa went to the FB game. Which was good as Jeremy was the only one on the rescue squad and they had an injury. Sat. we went to Austin's FB game and that was great. Good weather, great plays and a win........! Austin made us proud with several good touchdowns, however we know that it was a BIG team effort. And those boys, goodness they had some good plays for just youngsters. Adrianne, Jeff and I ran to Hemingford to give Jaxon his B-day gifts as he really didn't get to have a party this year. Several kids that were invited were sick and due to the Swine Flu Brandi decided to cancel. It wouldn't be very good for Cash at 4 months or Brandi fresh out of surgery to catch that, nor anyone for that matter. Then on Sunday Jeff, Adrianne and I worked like dogs cleaning up the garden and the backyard.(Jody, there ARE still snakes out!) Jeff built me a raised flower bed, one of three that I am putting in the alley. So excited about that. Anyway after a shower and bed I was much rested this morning. I must have been a piggy cuz there was a pile of mud in the bathtub. I love diggin in the dirt!! (Sorry to those of you who love to come pumpkin pickin, our patch was not so good this year...........NEXT YEAR - NO SURGERY SO BE READY PUMPKIN PICKERS!!

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Rudloff5 said...

I saw a snake too!!! EEEEEkkkkkkk!! I hate them! Knowing our luck, we will see one again this year. Your flower bed box is looking nice. Carter wants one for our back alley too. :) Sorry to hear about Jeremy's horse. How sad for him. Pets are so special.


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