Monday, October 12, 2009

Baby - It's cold outside!

So much for fall splendor this year. Several feet of snow and numbers in the teens kind of takes a toll on the yard, flowers and trees, however there is a beauty to it anyway. My bathtub lost the shower head but still keep running, the fish are now dug out and housed in their winter home. I picked some sweet peas and delphinium's the other day but didn't get them brought inside. But even they are pretty with the first snow on them. Kind of makes me want to pull out some Christmas stuff. AAGH I can't believe I said that.


Brandi said...

I am very sad we didn't have much of a fall this year. Next year when we are in Vermont, we will have our fill!

Robin Beck said...

Oh MY goodness~ Wow! Move over Fall, hello winter.
My son lives in Cheyenne and said they have snow there too. We broke records here in Seattle the last couple of nights but the rain is going to start tonight and that should warm things up a bit.

If you can't beat them, join them Debbie, time to get the Christmas decor out!!! Ho Ho Ho!



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