Saturday, October 24, 2009

Looking out my back door

Fall sort of passed us by this year, harsh winds took out a lot of the leaves and an early frost killed the rest so there just wasn't a lot of pretty this year. However leaves on my 'Jeremy' tree gave me a little bit of a show. I love to sit out here in late afternoon just as the sun is getting ready to set. I can smell the earth, the burning wood from fireplaces and listen to the small noises of the neighborhood and life is perfect.


Robin Beck said...

I love the church behind your tree in the first photo.

I would love to sit by the pumpkins and flowers, it looks so comfy there.

The Clamors said...

Deb, I love the church behind the tree in the first photo too :) Hey, thank you soooo much for letting me barrow your cartridge, worked out perfect! Preston is sitting here beside me right now, still running a 100 degree fever, horrible cough and sore throat, and has peed the bed two or three thimes in the last 2 days....poor little guy. Justin is well, I think ;) We'll see how this week goes. Thanks again Deb.


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