Monday, October 27, 2008

Kennedy annual pumpkin cutting party!

Jeremy looking a little scary! I think he enjoys Halloween, what do you think?

The finished products before we lit them.
Taylor's pumpkin!
Emma and Taylor
Cherokee & Adrianne
Greg & Emma
Jeremy, Austin & Adrianne came in color!
Getting ready to leave the pumpkin patch!
Jeremy & Austin get serious!
"Meow" - Megan
Brandi & Jax make the 1st. cut.
Damion, Daunee' and Damion PG?
T.J. & Talon
Greg and his kids
Twila and Jaxon play in the water

Misty & Brandi chum up on the hay rack ride to the patch
Uncle Jeremy give Emma a new face.

Old J.D. on his John Deere leads the parade!


beckyw said...

We had a great time! What an awesome tradition. Hopefully, next year I won't get called in to work.... Thank you!!!

Brandi said...

We had a great time! Thanks for all you do! Love Ya!!!


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