Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bob's Pumpkin Patch

My pumpkin patch is not a new idea as you all know. For me it started many years ago when Bob Scoggan (old BS to those of you who knew him well), planted all of Mrs. Avey's garden spot into more pumpkin patch than garden. Because he and Jeff were old pals and Jeff would help him plow or work on a tractor Bob would always stop with produce all summer long for us. But what we enjoyed most was his generosity in letting us bring the kids down and pick pumpkins. Being a FALL/HALLOWEEN GURU it was like winning the lottery. The summer that old BS got sick Jeff tried to help with the garden and somehow we ended up taking over Bob's garden. When he passed away we wanted to somehow remember Bob and what better way than to plant that old garden spot into pumpkins. The first year it was a family affair with Brandi, Jaxon, Greg, Taylor, Annie, Jeremy, Cherokee, Austin, Adrianne, Jeff and myself digging, planting and watching it grow. Since then Greg, Jeff and I have kept the garden growing so to speak. We aren't retired like Bob was, so the size of the garden has shrunk but we still manage to harvest a good size pumpkin crop. I guess this is our little way of honoring Bob. Since we plant in honor of Bob Scoggan and my nieces and nephews call me 'aunt Bob' it has now become "Aunt Bob's Pumpkin Patch" You can NOT believe the enjoyment we get from watching the little ones and big ones too come over and pick pumpkins. They search and search for just the perfect pumpkin. The little guys either want the smallest pumpkin in the patch or the LARGEST one. If we have time we like to give them a little ride in the wagon pulled by the 4-wheeler. We have made many a new friends doing this and each year there seems to be more and more kids enjoying the fruits of our labor. Greg and I have a vision of some day making this patch even bigger and better but until then Happy Fall Ya All and for all of those who sent their thanks - Thank You!


Brandi said...

We love the pumpkin patch! Thanks for all you guys do to keep it going!

beckyw said...

YOu caught the bloggin' bug......Tee Hee! Thanks for the pumpkins you two!


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