Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My fall favorites

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE FALL! I love the colors, the smells, the food, football, the late gardens....I just love it all. Good things have happened for me in the fall. My oldest son was born in Sept., my daughter got married in Oct., three of my seven grandchildren were born in fall. Life just seems to come together in the fall. My good friend hated fall, she would tell me it was like death to her, as the years have come and gone she now says she sees the beauty and life of fall through my eyes. Fall still isn't her favorite time of year. I can only influence so many I guess. Here are a few things I really, really love about fall. Please note that none of these first photos are mine, some are from Martha Stewart, some I pulled off the net that didn't show any authors, so sorry to those of you with the great photos.

Several years ago one of my good leaf peeping friends decided to go East to see the fall foliage. We flew out of Denver, Colorado with a few stops in between we made it to Burlington, Vermont. Coming from an area with few trees which are mostly pine trees I was in awe from the moment I saw the tips of the trees as we started to descend in the plane until we left to come home. It was so much fun, we rented a little bed and breakfast, a car and toured Vermont, New York, New Hampshire and Maine. We walked the paths through the most beautiful fall laden countryside. Took in some fall events, picked apples, took photos and collected leaves. We had some many news pressed in books that we had to buy more luggage to get it home. One of the funniest things I think I ever saw was my, small of structure friend, carrying a two foot felt stuffed ghost that we had bought at a craft fair, through the halls of one of the largest airports in the US. It wouldn't fit in the old or new luggage so she had to carry it on her lap. Needless to say we were stopped at all three airports on our way home and 'inspected'. This was the year following 911 so everyone was on their guard and I suppose we looked a little suspicious with our overload of leaves and memorabilia - made for a good laugh when we talk about our travels.
I not only love the fall colors but I love the fall garden and MUMS. I think they say 'fall' in the most beautiful way. I actually brought home a fall plant from Vermont. - I know I probably wasn't suppose to but no one said anything about it at the airports so home it came.

I have several varieties growing in my garden and every year I add more. I know they say toss them in the compost pile when you are done as they won't do anything the following year - but not so. Mine always come back and if I remember to clip their tips about the 4th of July, I get an awesome display of mums in my garden.

However the one thing I am really crazy about is pumpkins. I love to grow them, eat them, carve them, decorate with them and when I am done we take them to the fields and let the deer eat them. This little beauty taken from Martha Stewart is so pretty I am going to give it a try.

I love to photography the area around my little home town. This little area is so darn pretty but only in years with some moisture do I get to take a photo of it as the little dam is usually dry.

I love to carve those pumpkins and put them on display. Every year we have a BIG pumpkin cutting party and cut up tons of pumpkins. I invite the local elementary school to bring the younger grades over to the garden to pick pumpkins so they carve them at school.

I love to play in my pumpkin patch - even the neighbor's kitten loves to play in my pumpkin patch.
Oh FALL you are such a welcome time in my life. I hope you enjoyed a little walk through my fall thoughts!

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