Friday, September 16, 2011

Late Summer Garden Walk

I love the late summer - early fall garden. The colors are so vivid. The one thing I don't like about the fall garden is the clean up -- YUCK! But for now I will just enjoy looking at the garden, there will be plenty of time to clean up the beds.

My little tower adds some height and gives a little support for the leggy plants.

I am amazed that my sweet potato vine made it through some very hot summer days - I kept forgetting to water it.

The asters and mums are just getting ready to bloom. The humming bird feeder saw just a few of these little feathered friends - or I missed seeing them because I was working from dawn to dusk.

My flower beds and gardens have lots of 'old flower art' in them and I love to play around with the camera and software.

I have a love hate relationship with the morning glories. They grow where I don't want them and won't grow where I do want them. They become a tangled mess on most everything and are hard to weed out, but there are always so cheery and beautiful. I think they are related to bind weed and I wonder why people buy seed packets of them in the store when they grow so abundantly. However they sure are good climbers and fillers.

I wonder how soon the first frost will be, our calendar says that my neck of the woods in NE the first hard frost is usually around Sept. 21 - guess we will see.

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