Friday, July 8, 2011

Baby Lu @ 17 months

Just found this post in the Drafts - wonder why I didn't get it posted - well better late than never.

Can't believe this little guy is 17 months old already. I haven't seen him for almost two months yet he seemed to remember who his grammie was.
Now I have had one busy month (April) and my May is as crazy. I was lucky enough to see Adrianne at her dance recital last Monday. Watch our little Jaxon as he graduated from pre-school on this Monday and last night Austin and Adrianne had their spring concert. Of all things my camera crapped out for the graduation and spring concert. Usually Austin is in the back ground of his band performance and because he is tall is put on the back risers, well this time he was up front and center as was Adrianne and me with NO camera.
I tell you me without a camera is like having my arm cut off, I don't know what to do with myself and find that I get really nervous because I don't have it. What's with that?????????????

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F.T said...

So cute babies and lovely creation. thanks for making my mind.

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