Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Blogging for Posterity

    It has been some time since I have blogged. As a matter of fact I was going to give up posting blogs, my computer has been on the fritz and I can't seem to tell a story without having a photo, AND the time it takes.....one of those commodities that I just don't seem to have. After spending a few days with my children and their families along with my out-laws, my husband's family, I realized I needed to blog for posteritiy. It is about bits and pieces in my life and gives my children an in-sight into the person that I was, I am and what I hope to be.
  I will begin with this past weekend and the holiday. Fourth of July has long been one of my favorite holidays, one I share the love of with my daughter Brandi. We love everything about it, the colors, the smells, the fireworks, the pride in our country, the parades, the BBQ's.......everything - we love it. However the past few holidays have been, well work - not fun. For me anyhow. I have a job that requires me to work on the 4th of July and the days before the 4th are just as busy as the actual day of freedom itself. By the time I have pounded the pavement, so to speak, I don't have the energy to enjoy this favored time of the year. This year was different............
   This year I had two days off before the big event. This year all my kids and grandkids were here to share the time with me. This year my husband wasn't committed to so many community orientated activities that he was around to share the fun - and the work load. THIS YEAR...........was one of the best ever years.
   I rode horses with my oldest child, I golfed with my second born and his son, I watched my grandkids play in the sprinkler, I enjoyed the meals that my daughter crafted for the whole family, I spent time with my youngest and his family and I enjoyed every minute of it. We ate, played, made smores, lit fireworks, rodeoed (not I word I know but - well we went to a rode), watched fireworks, - we did it all and I had time to do it with them. I did work too..........and I worked hard but I was catered to by my daughter, who made me a great lunch, a daughter-in-law who cleaned my house and a family who was patient for my tylenol to kick in.
  Do I need to say more about the 4th? Probably not - just know it was a wonderful holiday. When I am old and gray and don't work on the 4th of July anymore, this will be one of those good memories that I will hold dear to my heart.

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