Monday, March 14, 2011

In just one month............

Wow what a difference one month can make in a person's life. Not only does it seem like time can fly - it also seems like my life is totally differnet than it was a month ago, I am different than a month ago.

So much as happened in the past 30 days - I will tell all the happy parts first.

I believe I left you all off when we celebrated a birthday for my youngest YaYa sister. It was a special night as we were all able to come together at my kitchen table and laugh until tears ran down our eyes.

That weekend my oldest grandson and his 8th grade basketball team won first place at the Rapid City tournament. I didn't get to see that tournament as I told a good friend that I would take her daughter's first birthday pictures. However I was able to spend the next two weekends watching Taylor play in tournaments. It was just a big week for him as he tested out and was chosen for the scholastic team, passed his test to get his learner's driving permit, and now has a girlfriend.
Taylor played some awesome ball and it was fun to be back on the bleachers again watching basketball.

Our little one year old, Little Miss Addy was no bigger than a minute when she was born a little before her due date last year but she sure has grown fast and is just the sweetest little thing.

Damion, Daunee' and Lucas came for a visit the first weekend in March and attended Taylor's games. It was great to see Lucas and all the new things he has learned to do since we last got to see him.
In between games we played on the playground with Emma, her daddy Greg, Uncle Damion and Aunt Daunee'.

My little Emma Jean, always a ball of fire enjoyed her time with her dad and playing with her cousins. She and Lucas had a grand ole time playing on the slides at Bayard.

Then on Sunday I was given just the best gift. Everyone except for Taylor were able to come over to the house. The kids, sneaky little things that they are, got yummy broasted chicken from Staabs and had a birthday party for me, complete with a cake (thank you Spencer and Traci) that looked like it was ready to start the whole house on fire once they got the candles lit.
And look at what I got for a birthday present - Thank you my kiddos, it is JUST what I wanted. I also got a turntable and boxes of coffee.
I have been on a coffee high ever since. This thing is just fantastic - I can pick and choose each cup of coffee, of course knowing me I will always go for just plain ole coffe, my fav.

On Ash Wed, which was actually my birthday, I attended church with one of my good friends. We had decided that we really needed to get back to church and become 'right' with God. I love Ash Wed. and love having Ashes marked on my forehead.
This is my church St. John The Baptist Catholic Church! Not only did I make it to Ash Wed. service but again Sat. night and also made a visit to our priest. Comforting to be back in my church with my church family all around.
I also spent the weekend riding my ole horse Nugget, working on the yard and garden, planting seeds, and well - staying at home. It felt great to just be at home and catching up on home life.

All the while that these wonderful things were going on in my life, my heart was breaking. Breaking for my good friend, her daughter and all of their families.

This part of my post is dedicated to Teresa, who lost her battle with cancer on Friday, March 11, 2011.
Teresa was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer about 15 months ago. She went through 12 months of intense radiation and chemotherapy in hopes to stop her cancer. However, just shortly after months of thearpy, she started feeling a lot of pain. On February 18 Teresa was given the bad news that she only had days to live. A true fighter, Teresa hung on for a few weeks as she had many things she wanted to accomplish. Wife, mother of two, daugher and sister, Teresa wasn't afraid of death nor was she afraid what would happen to her after death as she has the strongest faith in God. Teresa was afraid for her family and she wanted to get some things accomplished so that they, her family, would be able to celebrate her life and live their own lives as if each day was the best day ever.

With amazing strength and clarity, she set about making the next few weeks 'matter'. She lived a lifetime in a few short weeks, spending that time getting her family ready for the years to come and life without her.

With her mom and husband by her side she went to our Heavenly Father this past Friday. May she rest in peace.


Kelli said...

Oh gosh, I'm so sorry. It frustrates me to no end when people die young.
Hugs to you and your friends family.

Jess -n- Jason -n- Crew said...

Deb, what a wonderful post here. It reminds me that there is just more to every day than we ever give God credit for. We need reminders that there is a blessing in green grass, in budding flowers, in coffee makers, in family time, and in saying goodbye to wonderful people who have touched our lives deeply. <3 ya!


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