Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I got it!

Last October my good friend Becky was selling her antique shop/restaurant and she gave me this faux mantel that she had in her shop. She saw me one day in the store and said, "I will just drop it by your house". Two days later my friend Becky passed away before she had a chance to bring me the mantel.

Now there wasn't anything special about this mantel, I had just liked it and thought I could put it in my Cottage Garden Studio but still nothing special...until Becky was gone, and then like all things, it was just one of the ways I could hold onto her.

The mantel went into her estate and my good friends were going to bid on it when it came up for sale at the estate auction. But that didn't happen! The mantel sold during the few moments that my friend had chosen to take some stuff to her car. The lady who bought it got it and an old wash stand for $14.00. My friend. being the good friend that she is, followed the lady around until the lady consented to selling it to me.

That was last Oct. This March I got my mantel. It cost a lot more than $14.00 dollars to get it from this lady but that was ok, it was a just a little part of Becky that gave me a connection to her, I would have paid much,much more just to have it. it is. I can't wait to do something with it. Right now, well it just sits in a corner of the living room but soon it will have a place of honor.


The Clamors said...

Wonderful Deb! So happy for you to have a small part of Becky to remind you daily of how precious friends are and how quickly they can come and go from our lives here on earth. I'm SURE she is smiling from above that you "now" have the mantel :) Love you Deb.

Kelli said...

I'm glad you got it. I'm sure it means a lot to you.


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